About Us

Founded in February 2009, Cellular-Deals.com is an independent resource dedicated to the provision of the latest news, reviews, information, prices and deals on mobile phones.

The core of the site includes the news updates on popular mobile phones and regular cellular product reviews. To cater to the increasing demand for deals on cell phones, we have integrated relevant eBay auction items and similar advertisements and offers across our website. Cellular-Deals.com earns a portion of the revenue made by the advertiser(s) when our users click through an offer and/or makes a purchase from the merchant.

Another major part of Cellular-Deals.com is our Cellular Deals Shop, where we have integrated eBay.com auctions as part of our site to offer users the convenience of seeking out popular mobile phones on eBay.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our regular visitors and welcome onboard to the new visitors.

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