4 Office Apps For HTC Evo 4G

Smartphones from HTC are generally used by business professionals. Hence, it is very important to office apps on such phone. HTC Evo 4G is one of the most sought after HTC smartphones. Office apps not allow you to view and edit documents such as documents, presentations and pdf files. The large display of HTC Evo 4G that measures 4.3 inches allows you to take full advantage of office apps.

You can find office apps for your HTC Evo 4G easily through the Android Market. Here are some of the famous office apps that you can use on your phone:

Documents to Go
It is a free office software that lets you open Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Not only this, if you receive any kind of documents as attachments on your email, you can use Documents to Go to view it. It can also be used to vie Google Docs and PDF files. In order to edit office files on this software, you need to purchase Documents to Go Full Version Key for 14.99 USD. Once you purchase, you can not only view but also edit all your files. It even allows you to password protect your docs.

Quick Office Pro
Quick Office Pro is one of the most preferred office apps not only on Android but also on other platforms like Symbian. You only have to pay 7.99 USD to purchase and then you can view, create and edit all kinds of office file on your Evo 4G. Through you can also access files present on your memory card. It supports Google Docs also. The newer version even allows you to copy and text between apps. It also you add images from the gallery of your phone. You can send files to others through email, Bluetooth and SMS.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer
Yet another office app for Android phone that allows you to MS Office files. You can also use it to view email attachments and you can even store your data online as ThinkFree gives you an online storage space 1GB completely free. It even allows you to Google Docs. If you find this app to be good, you can purchase the full version that lets you edit office files at a price of 14.99 USD. It also you extract compressed ZIP files.

OfficeSuite Pro
This app can be effectively used during its trial period of 30 days. You can view and edit MS Office files as well as PDF files. Once you have used the app during its trial period and liked it, you can purchase it for 14.99 USD. This app also lets you open zip files and add photos from the gallery in to your documents.

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