BlackBerry Applications That You Should Avoid

berryscreencleanerOn the web, you can find plenty of sites from where you can download applications for your BlackBerry phone. However, after installing some applications on your phone that some of the applications are simply useless. Hence, not all the applications present on the applications download site are good.

Here are some BlackBerry applications that you should avoid:

Berry Screen Cleaner
It is an accelerometer based applications for you phone. Just launch the application and you will find water droplets appearing on the screen of the phone. These water droplets are supposed to clean the screen of your phone. In order to this, you are supposed to tilt the phone until the droplets spread and disappear. Since cleaning the screen of your phone is a physical process and not a virtual one, this application is simply useless.

BlackBerry Diagnostics
From the name of the application, you can understand what it is meant for. This application is supposed to show you information such as cell ID, local area code, base station identity code, IMERI number, battery status, model number, etc. Most of the features are simply not easy to understand and the values that are shown will not make any sense to you by the app. Some of the other features such are simply not required because without using the application you can come to know the status of your phone’s battery, or if the phone is in hoister or you are holding it , or if the phone’s battery is removable or not. This application is meant for someone who is clueless about the simplest of things of the phone. In simple terms, its useless.

Fear of the Dark
Fear of the Dark is a very old video game and those of you who have played this game may get excited to find an application by the same name. This game is actually not playable as trackball or any of the keys of the phone do not respond. Moreover, the application crashes frequently after a few seconds of launching it. In simple words, this application does not seem to work and the best thing to do is avoid it.

Free Staples
Launch this application and you will find a big red colored button showing right at the center of your phone. When you press the red button, it is said to get rid of your stress and the best part is that the more you press it, the faster it will help in getting rid of stress. Truly a perfect application for a person who is looking to do something urgent to get rid of stress.LOL

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