Enhance Your Photos Using Skitch on Android

Skitch is a very useful photo editing application that allows you to draw on the photos.  It can be effectively used to bring life into dull and boring photos. It lets you add witty captions to your photos. Recently, the app became quite famous because it was announced that the app now belongs to Evernote. The latest version of this app is available on the Android Market.

What is Skitch?
If you haven’t used Skitch before, you may not know why this app is so famous. Skitch is a very easy to use photo enhancement application. As mentioned before, Skitch allows you to add annotations to the photos that you have snapped with the camera of the phone.  Also, it allows you to draw shapes on your photos. Basically, these are the only two things that this app can do for you. You need to put your creativity and imagination into practice to enhance your photos by using Skitch. One good thing about Skitch is that it is very user-friendly. The moment you launch it, you will know what you have to do with it.

Drawing shapes of different sizes is not at all difficult on this app. Since it is touch-enabled, the possibilities of making various can be endless. By just touching and dragging on the screen, you can make squares, circles and what not. When you want to annotate any photo, you can simply use your fingers to write text. You can even use the virtual keyboard to add text. When there is Skitch in your phone, you can edit the photos that are stored in your phone or you can use the app to launch the camera and snap photos and edit them with Sktitch.

The photos that you edit and save on your phone can be shared with your friends by using the social networking apps installed on your Android phone. So, your edited photos can be seen by your friends on Google +, Twitter, and Facebook and other social networking sites.

Most of the reviews that you can see on the Android Market for Skitch are positive. Since Evernote always concentrate in helping you make notes easily, you can understand even Skitch can help in some way in adding notes to your photos. Even though it comes with simple features, you can have great fun with Skitch. One good thing about this app is even if you have slow processor phone, the app does not lag and performs smoothly.

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