Five Reasons Why Your Windows Mobile Phone is Slow

You may have noticed that after using your Windows Mobile for some time, you may experience slowness in overall performance of your device. Here are top five reasons as to why your Windows Mobile Phone is slow:

  1. Check the phones internal memory of your device. If you have used up the phone memory, your device will perform erratically. Just as your computer runs slowly when you use up the hard drive space the same way your phone will perform when you use up its phone memory. You can save your contacts, messages, multimedia files; Bluetooth received files, etc in the memory card rather than storing them up in the phone memory.
  2. If you have opened many multiple applications simultaneously, your phone will suffer performance issues. Make use of the Task Manager to kill unnecessary programs that are running. When you open multiple programs at the same time, each program that is kept open continues to consume RAM and slow down the device. The idea is to keep only those apps open that you require.
  3. Make sure you have not kept too many hardware running simultaneously. Hardware such as WLAN, GPS receivers, Bluetooth, FM Radio, Infrared, etc if kept on may put pressure on the processor and slow down the device. You should not only turn off the hardware if you are not using it but also close the applications that are related to the respective hardware.
  4. Viruses are one thing that can significantly hamper the performance of your Windows Mobile phone. Make sure you have got the latest anti-virus installed. Also ensure that the virus definition is regularly updated. Do not download any file from unrecognized source or website. Perform virus scan regularly and keep your device free from virus. Make sure both the phone memory and external memory is free from virus.
  5. Your external memory (memory card) can also cause slowness in performance if it is full or if it has become corrupt. If your memory card is corrupt, it may cause the device to stop responding or perform poorly. Uninstall all the applications from your phone that are installed on the memory card. Remove unnecessary media files and free up the memory. Occasionally perform disk defrag on your memory card and fix bad sectors.

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  1. I just go my phone and it takes for ever to delete my unwanted picture of my camera roll . I am not sure what to do

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