Getting Back Deleted Contacts from Your BlackBerry Phone

Have you ever accidentally deleted a contact from your BlackBerry phone? If yes, you will surely know how frustrating it is to lose contacts from your phonebook. However, if you happen to backup your phone regularly, you may stand a chance to retrieve the deleted contacts from your phone to Outlook. To make it happen, you need to synchronize your BlackBerry phone with Outlook.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open the box of your BlackBerry phone and you will find the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Install the application on your desktop computer.
  2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  3. Make use of a USB data cable to connect the BlackBerry to your computer. Once done, you need to select ‘Synchronize’ on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.
  4. Now you need to select the option ‘Synchronize organizer data’.
  5. Now click on the ‘Configuration’ tab and then choose the option ‘Configure Sync’.
  6. Now you need to select what you want to backup. So, you need to put a check mark near ‘Address Book’ and ‘Contacts’ to backup your phonebook contacts.  Click on ‘OK’. The address book will contain all the contacts that you have added on the phone and it will be saved as MS Outlook file on your computer. The file will also contain contacts that you deleted accidentally.
  7. Go to the ‘Synchronize’ tab and click on ‘Synchronize now’ button.

The last step will help in getting back the deleted contacts to your BlackBerry contact list.

Using UnDelete App to Retrieve Deleted Contacts

UnDelete lets you recover deleted information such as contacts, tasks, calendar, and so from your BlackBerry phone.  It can work on BlackBerry phones that run on OS 4.5 and above. It has got a very easy to use interface. The application can be purchased for 2.99USD. You can even try the application for free for 7 days and then it will prompt you to purchase it.

Using Verizon’s Backup Assistant to Retrieve Deleted Contacts

Backup Assistant app from Verizon can be found on BlackBerry phones like Bold, Curve, and Storm. This app automatically takes the backup of the phone’s contacts to their address book present online. You can even sync the online address book with the phone’s contact list. The application is very simple and easy to use. If the app is not present on your phone, you can download it from the web.

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  1. LAN Sync does not transfer directly without sending to the cloud. If the file hasnt been synced to the cloud yet, it will NOT be transferred directly.

  2. This update is what Adobe users and cloud computing enthusiasts have been waiting for at least in the past 5 months since it was announced in early October 2011.

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