How Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone

On a desktop computer it is quite easy to download and save YouTube videos and from other video streaming sites on the web. Saving YouTube videos on your Android phone is not that difficult.

People love to enjoy streaming content on their smartphone. Streaming content like online videos on YouTube, online movies, and online music is available in FLV format. You can watch such type of content on the browser itself (only if the browser supports playing videos inside it) or through dedicated media player that can play FLV content. On desktop web browsers, you can easily use plug-ins to download videos. However, this is not possible yet on Android phone web browsers.

Here are some of the ways through you can download YouTube videos on your Android phone:

TubeMate – An app to download YouTube videos
TubeMate is a free app that can be downloaded through your very Android Market. You need to search for ‘tubemate’ on it and once found download and install it. When you launch this app, you will see a list of famous YouTube videos. You can use the search feature to look for videos that you like.

You can find the Save to or download button present below the video clip. It will show you a list of resolution and formats (as shown in the image) in which you can download on your phone. You need to make sure that you have a good player that supports FLV files. Once you video is downloaded, the app will provide you several options lie Play as Video, Save as MP3, and Convert to MP3.

On the Preferences screen of the app, you can enable the Fast Download Mode. This mode uses all the available internet connections simultaneously to download the videos as soon as possible.  – Saving videos through the browser provides a very simple and easy way to download videos in FLV, MP4 and MP3 formats. All you need to do is paste the link of the video (from YouTube, DailyMotion, etc) on the field provided on the KeepVid URL field and hit the download button. It will process for some time and then it will provide you several links that will let you download videos in different formats and resolutions. Select the link that you prefer and then download the video to your phone. Like mentioned for the app above, you need a media player that supports playing the file you have downloaded.

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