How to Convert Videos for Playback on Mobile Phones

Have you ever bought a new phone to realise that it doesn’t support playback of whatever videos you throw at it? No worries, you are not alone! Unless you are using the latest generation of smartphones (like iPhone 4 or the kick ass Samsung Galaxy SII), it is likely that your phone does not support the majority of videos which you have downloaded for viewing on your computer.

Even if you have tried to search for some “free” software which claims to convert your videos into file formats suitable for playback your phone, most of time they still won’t work or that the output quality is horrible.

Look no further, because we have found a free software which works extremely well!

The Sothink Video Converter is a all-in-one software which allows you to convert your videos easily by selecting the device you want to play the video on. No more fiddling with technical settings like frame size, bitrates, codecs etc.

You want to play your videos on iPad? Sure, just select iPad Video and choose between a SD or HD output (720p). Want to catch your video series on the go with your iPhone 4? Sure, simply select iPhone 4 Video and choose your preferred output resolution. Output for other popular cell phones like BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson are supported. Even entertainment devices like Sony PSP, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 260, Zune, Apple TV are also supported.

Sothink Video Convert has left us impressed with its ability to convert almost every type of video formats we threw at at. In our test, we successfully convert Full HD video files in formats like .MP4, .M2TS, .TS into smaller MP4 files. Unlike other converters which gave us poor quality videos which were out of sync with the audio, Sothink Video Converter gave us clear, vivid copies of the original video without any visible degradation in quality considering the smaller file sizes. These high quality videos played without issues on our Samsung Galaxy SII device (of course!).

Converting videos usually consumes huge amount of time, but Sothink Video Convertor has performed well in this aspect with support for multi-core CPUs, enabling simultaneous conversion of multiple videos and multi-threaded processing which saved us a lot of time in converting tons of videos. In our test, it took us only slightly over ten minutes to batch convert four videos of around four minutes in length each.

This video converter has performed well in all ways we expect a good video converter to, and for free! The free version of Sothink Video Convertor leaves a small watermark at the bottom right edge of the converted video, but we didn’t find that too annoying. It also supports a smaller range of devices. The paid, professional version will remove these restrictions.

So, if you have been looking for a tried and proven working video converter for your mobile phone, we would recommend the Sothink Video Converter for its ease of use and superb video output quality.

Sothink Video Converter:

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