How to do Shopping Payments via Your Cell Phone

Monitise_NokiaOur cell phones are so versatile that they can easily replace some of our favorite possessions like mp3 players, digital cameras, computer, etc.  Now you can also do shopping payments via your cell phone by using it as a debit card or credit card. Since the past few years, cell phones have been used for transactions in many places in the world, and at the rate at which the cell phone is proving its versatility across all areas of interactivity; it will soon be a widely accepted tool for conducting transactions.

There are several ways through which you can use your cell phone for doing payments. Here are they:

SMS Message Payments:
Register and create account with SMS message payment system like Paymo or Zong Mobile Payments. You need to send an SMS to the payment system you have signed up with, whenever you want to make a payment. On completion of a transaction, you will receive a confirmation MMS message which will contain a barcode that can be scanned to finish the sale. You will be charged a transaction fee.

Direct Mobile Billing:
This mode of payment is similar to SMS Message Payments as it involves signing up with a payment system. However, in order to make transactions, you do not need to send SMS but choose a system called ‘mobile billing’ at checkout. Your cell phone account will be charged whenever you make a transaction. You can make use of it on e-commerce websites.

Cell Phone Web Payments:
Access the internet on your cell phone and then you make transactions via PayPal account or credit card. You can even access your bank account via online banking and do the payments. This mode of payment is the same as doing online shopping through your computer. This is the most secure way of making payment compared to the other two payment methods mentioned above.

Near Field Communication (NFC)
All the above mentioned payment methods have certain restriction and cannot be used for point-of-sale transaction. If you want to make point-of-sale transaction, you can simply wave your cell phone in front of reader. However, this can only be done in phones that have the NFC functionality. Here are some of the cell phones that are NFC enabled: Samsung SGH-X700, Samsung D500E, Nokia 6212, Nokia 3220, Motorola SLVR l7, etc. This mode of transaction has not gained much popularity yet because there are few cell phones that are NFC enabled. We can soon expect more NFC enabled cell phones in the market that will only make transactions through cell phones a lot easier.

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