How To Dry Water Damaged Cell Phone?


Even though we try our best not to bring our cell phones in contact with any kind of liquid but some way or other we encounter such a situation. At times, even though your phone has not come with in contact water, it may be water damaged because of the moisture that accumulates automatically inside the phone.

Cell phones that are sold by famous network service providers such as Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, etc come with an in-built liquid damage indicator (LDI). If the indicator turns red or pink in color, it indicates that the phone has been water damaged.

Here are few steps you should perform if your phone has been water damaged.

  • Remove the battery: This should be to done to avoid any internal short circuit. Should there be a short circuit, you will end up spending huge amount of money on the phone. When your phone is wet, do not try to test it by switching it on and off several times, instead remove the battery to avoid any more damage to your phone.
  • Dry your SIM card: It is advisable to remove the SIM card from the phone and only put it back into the phone when it is dry.
  • Open up the parts of your phone: If your phone is out of warranty, you can try to disassemble your phone by trying to remove the battery, SIM, outer panel and keypad. Separating the parts will help the phone to dry more quickly. Only try this step if you know the technicalities of your phone.
  • Dry your phone: You can use a blower or hair dryer with a mild speed, tissue paper or a dry cloth to wipe the wet areas of the phone. You need to be careful while you do this because the mobile phone parts are delicate. You can keep the phone under hot air or under a fan for several hours to dry the phone completely.
  • Reassemble your phone: After a day or two, you can reassemble and startup your phone. If your phone does not start, you may try an alternate battery. It may turn out that the battery which had been using may have been damaged by water and become useless.
  • Rice method: This may sound bizarre but has been one of the steps that people have been using to get their wet phone dried. In this method, you need to place your disassembled wet phone into an air tight container making sure that every part of the phone is completely covered with rice. The rice will eventually soak up all the water and moisture and make your phone dry. You may reassemble the phone and use it.
  • Be careful: If the battery is wet damaged, do not try to heat it and make it dry. Heating batteries may cause them to explode. Rather than trying to make use of this  battery, you can always buy a new battery and make the most of it. Some people use alcohol to clean the sticky areas that are caused due to accumulation of water or moisture. In such a case, make sure you put the battery back in to the phone only after the alcohol is properly dried.

 Take utmost care of your phone and do not let it come in contact with water.  Should it happen, following the above steps can easily help you considerably to dry your water damaged cell phone.

2 Comments to “How To Dry Water Damaged Cell Phone?”

  1. All the suggestions above are right on. We are a full service cellphone repair center and have been repairing water damaged phones for about 8 years. Unfortunately we have seen many cases where people tried to open their phones and damaging it even further.

    We highly recommend that you get in touch with us or a company like us that is fully trained on cellphone repair services and can use special equipment and liquids to throughly clean and repair the phone.

    The most important thing that I can say is to immediately remove the battery from the phone and do not put it back in or try to charge the phone. Hope this helps.

    Good luck.

  2. sir,i have damaged my nokia xp5800 in sea water,after which it stopped working,i immediately removed the battery and dried the whole kit under the sun,but still its not working .can u please advice me what to do next…i would be thankful to you

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