How To Free Up Memory on Android

Is your Android phone behaving sluggishly? Do you want to speed up the performance of your phone? An easy to resolve this issue is to free up storage space. When you store a lot of stuff on your computer, your PC becomes awfully slow. The same thing happens to your Android phone when the storage space gets full. The ideal way to deal with it is to remove unnecessary things from the storage memory so that enough space is available.

The reason why your Android becomes too slow when you load apps or games on it is that in default Android uses phone memory as default storage memory. So, whenever you install anything on your Android phone, it gets installed in the phone memory. Sooner or later your phone will become slow if its memory becomes full.

Uninstalling Apps
The first and foremost thing you need to do is to get rid of all those games and apps that you do not use. You can do this by going to the homescreen and select Menu > Settings > Applications and then Manage Applications. Here you will see a list of games and apps installed on your phone and it will show how much space each app or game is using. Simply click on Uninstall to remove anything you think is unnecessarily eating up storage space.

Moving Apps
If you do not find any apps worth uninstalling, you can some of the app or game to the external memory card (microSD card). However, you can’t do this with all the apps or games. To do this, you can go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and then tap on the name of the app and see if you can see an option Move to SD card. If you see it, you can tap on it to move to the memory card. If the option appears to be inactive, it will show Move to Phone option which means the app is already installed on memory card.

Clearing Cache
Another way you can free up storage space is to clear your cache or temporary files that are created by app or game. When you got to Manage Applications and tap on any app out there, you will also see an option that reads Clear Cache. It will also show how much space cache is taking. It is worth clearing the cache of those apps that you do not use frequently.

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  1. Useful tips, my Android certainly acts sluggish when I’m near capacity. I also find it useful to quit any apps that may be running in the background, too many apps running simultaneously will slow performance. Thanks.


    This is for you who have an android phone with very limited internal memory:
    I have an entry level ZTE Merit smart phone by Straight Talk. It has very limited internal memory and I’ve been battling this problem as long as I’ve had it. Most posts on the internet tell you the only way to free up memory is to delete your apps – NOT TRUE. I’ve discovered a new way to free up internal memory without deleting your apps. I think this also works on other smart phones too.

    Here it is:
    Push EMAIL button
    While in email, push MENU button
    Push FOLDERS button
    There should be a folder that says TRASH
    Push the TRASH button
    These are all the emails you deleted and are still on your phone!!!
    Push MENU button again
    Push the right button and different categories will come up
    All of your deleted emails are selected with a check mark
    Push DELETE
    A button may pop up asking if you want to delete, yes or no – push yes.
    Your phone should start deleting all your emails in the TRASH folder.
    I had 1750 in mine and it freed up 50 megabytes on my phone.

    I told my students about this and one of them who had an i-phone had 8,000 deleted messages in her TRASH folder.

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