How to Make Skype Calls on Symbian Phones

Skype is a great application that lets you make voice calls from Skype to any person who is using Skype across the globe for free. Moreover, it also lets you make calls to landlines and cell phones across the globe. It is also a very popular IM client available on the web.

Using Skype on your phone
Installing Skype on your Symbian phone is simple and easy. Setting up Skype on your phone is just like installing any other app on your phone. Through the web browser of your phone, you can visit the Skype mobile website and download the Skype application for your phone. It will not take more than few seconds to install the Skype app. Alternatively, you can also make use of Skype through other IM clients available online such as Fring and NimBuzz.

Once installed, you will be able to make your first Skype call through your phone. The best part about Skype mobile client is that it lets you create your own Skype login id which cannot be done on other IM clients like Fring and NimBuzz. If you have a Skype id and password, you can login into your account.

Understanding the Skype mobile client
The features of the Skype mobile client is very similar to the desktop application of Skype. Once you login into your account, you will see 5 tabs. Here are the details on all the five tabs:

Contact list tab – This tab lets you view all your contacts and add new ones from the phonebook or through Skype directory.
IM tab – This tab is the second tab that lets you chat with your contacts.
Calls and text messaging tab – This tab lets you make Skype calls as well as send text messages.
Logs tab – This tab lets you view all kinds of logs like voice mail, call register, sms, etc.
Settings tab – The last tab lets you access general settings, setup voice mail, etc.

Making calls through Skype
You can simply go through the contacts in the first tab and third tab and then make a Skype to Skype voice call to the desired person. If you want to calls to cell phones or landlines, you need to make sure you have paid a fee for subscription from the fifth tab. To make calls, you can select the Call icon and then enter the contact number of the person whom you would like to speak and press OK. Make sure you have entered the country code and area code before you make the calls.

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