How To Protect Your Cell Phones From Virus Attacks

mobile virusVirus or malicious program can enter your cellphone through various ways. Once it enters your cellphone, it can make your phone function erratically. Your phone may restart consistently; the functions of the phone may behave weirdly, your Bluetooth may start receiving data without asking you to confirm it; you can also lose all your contact details and data such as photos, songs, movies, etc that you have stored in your cellphone

There are various ways through which you can protect your cellphone from virus attacks. Here are few steps you need to keep in mind so that your cellphone do not become easy victims to virus.

Memory Cards

  • Never put your phone’s memory card into those phones that are infected with virus.
  • If you doubt that your PC is infected with virus. Please do an antivirus scan and get rid of all the viruses from your system because there is a high possibility of viruses getting transferred when you do data transfer between your phone and PC.


  • Never keep your phone’s Bluetooth ON. When you leave it on, there is a possibility that someone may hack into your mobile and get sensitive information such as messages, emails, login information, etc that you have stored in your phone.
  • Do not accept any data that is transferred through Bluetooth from a source you are unaware of.


  • High-end mobile phones give you the facility of accessing e-mails. Make sure you never download any email attachment to your phone from unknown source.


  • After a virus attack, a phone can automatically send MMS to your friends without your notice. In such a case, you must do an antivirus scan to remove the virus from your phone.

If your phone has been infected by a virus or a malicious program, you should do two things:

  1. Connect the phone to the computer and do an antivirus scan.
  2. Install antivirus software on your phone such as Kaspersky Mobile Security, F-Secure Mobile Antivirus, Commander Mobile Anti-Virus, etc. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the program. You should also regularly update the virus definition on your phone by connecting to the antivirus website to download the latest updates.

If you notice that the phone is still behaving weirdly even after you perform a virus scan, you can restore the phone to its factory settings. When you do this, your phone’s software will be restored in the same condition as it was when you bought the phone.  Please keep in mind, when you do this, all the data of the phone is lost. Hence, it is highly advisable to take the backup of data before you restore the factory settings.

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