How to Read Deleted SMS on Your Nokia Phone

4SMSes are treasured and have tremendous sentimental value, especially if they are sent to you by a loved one. So you can imagine the plight, if these memorable cute, funny, romantic or heart-warming messages are accidentally deleted. Don’t you just wish that you got those messages back? Most of us love to save SMS on our phone for a long time. You will never want to delete those messages that were sent to you by closed ones.Here are some basic steps that you can take in order to recover deleted SMS from your Nokia phone:

  1. A comprehensive file manager can help you in recovering your deleted SMS. One of the best ones that can do the job for you is FExplorer. The application is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the internet.
  2. Install the application on your phone and launch it. Once it opens, you will see all the available drives listed in it. If you save messages on the phone memory then you should be looking inside drive C. If you save messages on storage memory card, you should be looking inside drive D.
  3. Open the drive C or D and you will then see a folder named System. Inside this folder, you will find a mail folder where all your text messages are saved. It also contains your deleted messages.
  4. In order to retrieve deleted messages you need to track down messages that you are searching for. Open the mail folder (for example: C:\System\Mail), inside it you will find many different folders having names like 0010002_s and so on. Inside such folders you will find different files with names like 00100000. These are the deleted text messages.
  5. In order to read the deleted messages, choose Options > File > Hex/Text Viewer.


  1. If you have intentionally deleted messages from the mail folder, you will not be able to read the messages.
  2. FExplorer works best on Nokia phones; however, it can be also used on other compatible phones across various brands. These steps may not work with all Nokia phones. We came across a few Nokia phones that could not read messages that we were searching for.

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  1. Hello, i have a nokia e63, i would like to recover smses that were deleted from my phone. can i use this software to retrieve these deleted smses? also do i need to download this software from my phone or can it be done on my pc? i would appreciate your urgent response. thank you very much!

  2. yes, you can try using this software and method to recover. you will need to download it and install on your phone.

  3. hi. is this this softwares will work on my n8 and c7?

  4. Hi, Can I retrieve them so that I don’t have to use this software to read them every time?

  5. Can you suggest any software for series40 (Nokia 6303 classic)?

  6. hello.,im having nokia basic phone,is thr any way to get ma msg back????plz reply

  7. Where is the link for this software? From where i can download it?

  8. i use nokia c3. i want to recover deleted sms’s. FExplorer not working. suggest solution

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