How to Recover Deleted Data from Nokia Phones


Most of the Nokia phones are powered by Symbian operating system. Many times you may have accidently deleted any data such as a song or a photo from your Symbian phone while formatting the phone or by pressing the delete button accidently. If you happen to do this on your PC, you have a chance to access the deleted data from the recycle bin. Unfortunately, this kind of feature is not available on your Symbian phone. However, there are some ways through which you can recover data from your phone.

Before learning how to recover deleted data, you should learn about how the memory of the phone works. The storage memory that is present on a computer or a cell phone is divided into locations. Each of these locations is capable of storing data of certain size. The data is stored in binary form. When you store any data on the memory, several memory locations will be reserved with their binary values. This will eventually create an entry in the index table which will be used for accessing the data. When you delete any data, only the index table entry is erased but not the actual data. In other words, the data still remains in the memory. It is only erased only when you overwrite the particular memory location with new data.

Here are some of the data recovery applications that can be used to recover data from your Symbian phones:

1. File Scavenger

This application is designed for recovering data from computer hard drive. However, it can also be used for recovering deleted data from removable memory cards. It also helps in rectifying bad sectors.

2. Stellar Photo Recovery

This application is also designed for PCs such as Windows and Macintosh powered systems. As the name suggests, it can be effectively used to recover accidently deleted image files from memory cards. It also helps in recovering other media files such as video and audio files.

3. Data Recovery App fro SIM Card Data

This application is specifically designed for recovering lost SIM car data. It is very simple software and is only capable of reading the data that is present on the SIM card memory. The best part about this application is that it makes the recovered data read-only which means the data will remain unchanged on the SIM card memory.

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