How to Setup Email on Your Nokia N8

Undoubtedly Nokia N8 is one of the most powerful smartphones Nokia has ever made. Nokia N8 is a very versatile phone that it lets you do everything on it. From listening to music to recording HD videos, from social networking with your friends online to viewing and editing office documents, you can do it all on this magnificent phone. It has a dedicated email client. You can setup any email account on your Nokia N8 and start accessing your mail on the go.

Features of the email client of Nokia N8:

  • Store 250 messages in the inbox
  • Supports HTML content.
  • You can add up to 10 IMAP folders.
  • Setup multiple email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, OVI and others.
  • View email accounts on the homescreen
  • Synchronization when email is accessed on computer or server
  • Schedule synchronization
  • Look-up contacts in Gmail and Hotmail
  • Very intuitive user interface and settings.

Steps to Setup Email on Your Nokia N8:

Nokia’s email client provides an easy way to setup all your email accounts.

1. To access the email app, you need to go to Phone Setup and then Setup Mail. Clicking on it will launch the email wizard where you need to click on Start. You will now see a list of email providers such as Ovi Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail for Exchange and Others.  All the major email service providers are listed so that you do not have to manually enter the settings to setup an account.

2. To setup Gmail or Yahoo! Mail account, you need to click on the respective provider and enter the email address and its password.

3. Accept the Terms of Service and then the email app start configuring mailbox by connecting to the mailbox.

4. Within seconds your Nokia N8 will start updating all the emails right inside your phone.

Nokia N8’s email app has support for Mail for Exchange that allows you to setup personal and enterprise email accounts by manually entering the server settings. This cool app also lets you save your bandwidth by giving you an option to disallow the mails from loading the images.

3 Comments to “How to Setup Email on Your Nokia N8”

  1. i am battling to setup a personal email account on my e63 phone.

  2. BE WARNED – If you have Yahoo mail it will not setup, and the nokia forums are full of people asking Nokia for assistance with this. There is talk of soft reboots and the like, this is not a solution it is a work around. All others work perfectly, gmail, hotmail, exchange but Nokia have not managed to get Yahoo working adequately. Nokia do not seem to want to publish the correct settings either as there is virtually no response from Nokia in any forums.

  3. i can’t set up mail box on nokia N8

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