Avoid Cell Phone Scam While Buying a Cell Phone

cell phone scamWhile buying a cell phone, one can be easily scammed and he may end up losing a lot of money. These days’ people are only interested in buying smartphones. However, while buying one, the cell phone salesman may tactically convince the buyer to buy a cell phone that has got a lot of features. The buyer will later realize that there are certain features that he hardly ever uses or may not even need it in the first place. Here are simple tips that can help you buy a good cell phone confidently from any cell phone shop.

Find the Right Phone
There are no cell phones from different cell manufacturing brands available in the market. It can be very difficult to decide on a good cell phone for yourself. However, the internet makes this job quite easy.

Visit GSMARENA.com and access the ‘phone finder’ feature or you can also visit PHONEARENA.com and checkout the ‘phone filter’ feature. It allows you list down the features that you would like to have on the cell phone that you want to buy. It will also help you in finding the phone that will fit easily in your budget. For example, the ‘phone finder’ or the ‘phone filter’ will help you find camera phones with Xenon flash thereby helping in you in filtering the camera phones without flash and LED flash.

Checkout Cell Phone Reviews
The phone finder will help you in narrowing down to at least two-three phones that may suit your need.  The next thing, you need to do is checkout cell phone reviews.  Try to find out unbiased cell phone reviews on the internet and understand the pros and cons of the cell phones.

Compare the Cell Phones
There are plenty of websites available on the internet that allows you to compare the features of three to five cell phones simultaneously. This way you will surely be able to narrow down on the phone that you want to buy.

Buy Online or Offline
There are plenty of websites on the internet that sell brand new cell phones at attractive rates as compared to the rates found at a local cell phone shop. If you want to buy your cell phone from a local shop, you can do so by visiting several shops and see if there is any difference in the price. Go for the shop that gives you good customer service.

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  1. My Droid Incredible is defective. Calls on its own, widows move back and forth to name a few. To complain, I called. The automated operator kept asking the same questions. After 4 calls I went on the net. After waiting 10 minutes, the deal was to send everything back – and once it was received- a new phone would be sent within 24 hours. But no phone for at least two days. second option -pay 250.00 plus price of phone and then phone will be sent – a refund after old phone was received. It is a total rip off.

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