Remove Stubborn Applications from Your Symbian Phone

Symbian cell phones allow you install a wide range of applications on your phone such as call recording, personal organizer, music player, video player and Symbian_Uninstall_imagemany more. Hence, Symbian users love to install applications on their phone. Many of the applications are available for free through various forum websites that are available on the internet. One can easily download them to their phone and checkout the application.

If you do not like any application, you can simply uninstall applications from your phone by using the Manager function. While checking out different applications, you may find some applications that remain in the phone even though they do not work or you may find yourself having a tough time removing an unwanted application. Removing them from the phone is the only solution. However, when you try to remove them, you may find it very difficult to get rid of them. Hence, Symbian users may have many times come across a situation wherein they are not able to uninstall such application. Then how can one remove such stubborn applications from the phone?

Here is a simple solution for your problem:

  1. Download a file explorer program such as FExplorer and install it in the phone memory of your cell phone.
  2. Run the application and navigate to the path where the application that you want to remove is located. Most of the time, we install applications in the memory card of the phone. So you can find the application in the following path: E:\system\apps
  3. When you are at this location, you will see a number of folders with the name of the application. You can easily locate any application’s folder by its name and uninstall it. In order to delete any application, simply delete the folder having the application’s name.
  4. You can delete by highlighting the folder that you want to delete and then go to Options> File> Delete.
  5. The stubborn application has been removed from your phone. You may go to the Manager and check if the deleted application is still listed. If it listed, try to uninstall from the Manager. After this, you may restart your phone.

Doing this is very easy; however, it becomes a bit difficult when the application you are trying to delete is a Java application or a Java game. The reason behind this is that the folders of such applications and games are not listed by the name of the application in the location: E:\system\apps. The application folders are labeled with numbers. In such a situation, you can open each and every folder and open the text file inside it. The text file will show you the name of the application. Once you have found the right one, you can follow the Step no. 4 and Step no.5 to remove stubborn applications from your Symbian phone.

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