Tips To Extend the Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most successful phones Samsung has ever made. Even the newer version of the phone – Samsung Galaxy S2 has achieved great success thanks to the expectation that was set by its predecessor. One of the drawbacks of the Samsung Galaxy S is its battery life. It gets exhausted pretty fast. If you are using too many apps, the battery can run out within a day. You can do a few things to make the battery last longer.  You do not need to install any software or require extra hardware to increase its battery life. All the necessary options are available on the phone.

Battery Use
Android has a very good feature that lets you know a list of things that are currently eating up your battery. You need to go to Settings > About Phone > Battery Use and have a look at what is listed out there. You can see information such as Display, Voice Calls, Phone Idle, Browser and so on.

If you see that Display is listed at the top and through the green bar below it you can come to know how much it is consuming the battery. So, if Display is high, you need to go to Display Settings and reduce its brightness and this will help in stopping the Display from consuming a lot of battery. You can also turn off the Automatic Brightness feature as well to save the battery. If the browser is consuming a lot of battery, you can simply close the browser and close multiple tabs that you have opened.

Turn off Connectivity Features
If you keep the Wi-Fi turned on for a long time, you will come to know that Samsung Galaxy S’s battery dies very quickly. So, what you need to do is when you are not using Wi-Fi, you need to turn it off. By doing this, you will be able to make the battery last longer.

GPS is another feature which consumes a lot of battery. GPS helps you get information turn-by-turn location details on Samsung Galaxy S. However, if you keep the GPS on when you are at home or inside any room, the GPS will continuously try to search for signal but since you are indoors, it won’t be able to provide any location details but will only consume your battery. Like Wi-Fi,  if you are not using GPS, you should turn it off.

Use Task Manager
Lastly, you can use the Task Manager app to know which apps are using more power. You can kill those apps and make the battery last longer.

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