SMS Scheduling Apps for Symbian Phones

So often it happens to us that we try our best not to forget sending an SMS to wish a friend on his birthday or send an important SMS to your colleague to remind about some work or you want to send an SMS to a friend who is located in a different time zone so that he/she can read your message after waking up but just when the time arrives to send the SMS you forget it.

One good way to take care of this issue is to set a reminder. When the reminder reminds you about it, you remember it and before sending the SMS you get distracted with some other work and again you forget about sending the SMS. You know your friend’s wedding anniversary is coming after few months and you know you should not miss out on wishing him through SMS but no matter what kind of reminder you set, there are chances of forgetting it.

SMS scheduling application

All the above mentioned issues can be best dealt by making use of an SMS scheduling application. What this application will do for you is schedule SMS for you and send it on the appropriate date and time. This way you will never miss out on sending an important SMS. If you have got a Symbian phone like Nokia 5800 or Nokia N97, you can take advantage of this application.

SMS scheduling application is one of the most important apps that you should install on your phone. There are two SMS scheduling applications that you can make use of on your Symbian phone:

1. SMS Timer

With SMS Timer, you can schedule SMS and MMS to be sent on any date and time in the future. You can also send the same message to multiple contacts. It has a very simple user interface. All the text messages that you schedule will reach on time and you will also get delivery report (if you have enabled it on your phone). SMS Timer will make sure you never miss out on sending an important SMS. Each time you create a new SMS like the way you do normally, you will be shown a new screen where you can enter the date and time as to when you want to send the message and then you can press the schedule button so that the app stores the SMS to send it automatically on the set time and date

2. SMSscheduler

Developed in Python, SMSscheduler is a very similar to SMS Timer. It lets you schedule SMS by entering the future date and time. You can use it schedule SMS messages, reminders, notifications, etc. After installing the application, you should keep it running on the phone in the background. It has a very simple user interface and all you need to do is schedule text messages and the app will make sure all the messages are sent at the specified date and time.

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