Steps To Make Secure Wi-Fi Connection To Android Phone

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Making a secure Wi-Fi connection to an Android phone is easy. When you connect your Android phone to a Wi-Fi network, you can surf high speed internet and save on the money that you spend on data usage. The procedure to connect your Android to Wi-Fi network varies depending on the version of the OS your Android phone is running.

Steps to enable Wi-Fi connection on Android v2.1 or above
On the homescreen, you need tap on Settings icon. You will then see several options. You need to select Wireless & Networks and click on Wi-Fi Settings. A small check box will available on the left side of it. If Wi-Fi is not activated, you need to click on the box to add a check mark. If it requires a password, enter it and click on Connect. The phone will then establish a connection with the available network.

Steps to enable Wi-Fi connection on Android v2.1 or below
Android v2.1 or below OS versions are found on old Android phones.  Here is what you need to establish Wi-Fi connections on such phones. You need to go to the settings icon on the homescreen and then choose Wireless & Networks. If you notice that there is no check mark in the checkbox, you need to click on it add a check mark to enable the connection. It will scan for available network. Choose the connection to which desire to connect. If it prompts to enter encryption code, you need to enter the set password and tap on Connect. The phone will then connect to the wireless network.

Problems With Connecting To Wi-Fi Network
If you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network, you need make changes to the security settings and then restart both your Android phone and the wireless router. If you are still unable to connect, check whether any other device such as a laptop is able to connect with the Wi-Fi network. You need to find out whether the problem is with your phone or Wi-Fi router. If you feel that your Android phone is having some problem, you can try restoring the factory settings. If the problem still persists, you need to contact your dealer.

Avoid Wi-Fi From Consuming Your Battery
When you are not using the internet through Wi-Fi, you should deactivate the Wi-Fi feature of your phone. If you keep it on, it will try to connect to the Wi-Fi network again and again and this can consume your pretty fast.

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