Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones available in the market. There are many things on your Galaxy S2 that you may have never known before. Here are some tips and tricks that you should try on your Galaxy S2:

Customizing your homescreen
Thanks to the TouchWiz UI onboard, you can customize the homescreen by creating grids to add widgets and pictures. This can be done by pressing on the photo or widget for a duration that is longer than a tap and less than a long press. When you press this way, grid lines will appear which you can be arranged to suitable size and shape.

Arranging Folders and Shortcuts
Your Galaxy S2 may have been shipped with plenty of preinstalled apps. If you see plenty of app icons on your phone, you can organize all the app icons to make your phone appear neat. You can organize by categorizing them in categories like games, social, video and audio players and so on. You can do this by pressing longer at the empty space on your homescreen. You will then see options available to you. One of which will be ‘New Folder’ where you can add a suitable name to it. To add apps to the folder you created, you only need to simply drag and drop the apps into the relevant folders you created.

Saving the Battery
With dual core processor and AMOLED display onboard, you can exhaust your battery very quickly. To save on the battery, you need to install a battery monitor app and place it on your homescreen to access it quickly. Also, you need to disable Wi-Fi and GPRS connection when you are not using them. Install a program manager app on your phone to automatically turn off those apps that you are not using. The amazing display screen technology of Samsung Galaxy S2 only illuminates certain pixels when needed. In other words, if certain area of your wallpaper is black then those areas of wallpaper that are in black color will not be illuminated. Also, cutting down the usage of live wallpapers can help you save on battery.

Some Other Tips for your Galaxy S2
> To quickly type a text message or email, you can use the Swype keyboard as it requires you trace letters of word for typing. To activate the Swype keyboard, you need to click on Swype key present at the left corner at the bottom side of the onscreen keyboard.

> To make calls or create messages quickly, you need to select the contacts and swipe on the screen to the right to make calls or swipe on the screen to the left to create text messages.

> Instead of going to the settings to disable various features, you can pull down a menu from the screen to disable features like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, audio settings, and display auto rotation settings.

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