Tips for Your HTC Tilt

htc-tilt-1This snappy little phone has a screen that slides and adjusts to access the QWERTY keyboard and is the better built model for this category of phone.  However most technophiles do not want to stick with the traditional configured phone, it is just like our desktops and laptops.  We want customization.  Here are some tips and tricks to make the HTC Tilt be the phone that you want and need.  Let it be said that some or modification will void your warranty, so beware!

The first thing most of us want to do is get rid of the annoying trialware that came with the phone.  Most users are experienced phone and PC users and know what they want and do not want give up precious memory for applications that they will never use.  A hard reset, followed by a soft rest, should get rid of vendor specific garbage that you do not want.  To do the hard reset (Start > Settings > Systems > Clear Storage). Then using the stylus to push the small reset button, that is located between the microSD slot and USB port for 3 seconds, will allow the HTC Tilt to do a soft reset and you are done.

You can download skins and different styles of ‘Today screens’ for the HTC Tilt which may or may not cost a few extra dollars.  However; hard-core technophiles will want to look way under the hood and tweak until they are satisfied.  Like the traditional PC, the place to go for these customizations is the registry.  For some this can be scary and for those that are not familiar with a registry messing with these settings can lead not only frustration but a useless, yet expensive electronic.  The KaiserTweak is a downloadable application that makes this task a little less daunting.

For those that like the look and are more comfortable with a Windows XP experience, a great downloaded application called WisBar Advance 3 will get you what you are looking for.  It is a Windows product but does it include Internet Sharing? The answer is yes, you just have to dig for it.  If you removed the preloaded software, just go to Start > Programs.  If you choose to keep the factory as-is appearance, then go to Start > Programs > Tools > File Explorer > Windows folder and just tap the icon and move it to your desired location.

In addition, if you are uncomfortable with the default browser, we would recommend Opera Mini and Bolt Browser. Moreover, browsers like Bolt have been tested to perform much faster than competing browsers.

The HTC Tilt will allow you to listen to music, watch videos, YouTube and is a true entertainment device on its own. So do not forget to get a Mini USB to 3.5 Audio Jack adapter to enhance the enjoyment with your favourite earphones!

Disclaimer: All information is provided as is and we are not responsible for any damage caused by following the above tips!

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