Tips on Buying Sony Ericsson Camera Phone

sony ericsson satio 1 300x188 Tips on Buying Sony Ericsson Camera PhoneOne cannot imagine a Sony Ericsson phone without a good camera. Undoubtedly, Sony Ericsson manufactures some of the best camera phones as compared to other competitors. With so many Sony Ericsson phones available in the market, it may become a bit difficult in making a proper choice for you.

Below are some simple steps that will help you learn more about Sony Ericsson camera phones and how you can decide on the best camera phone for you.

  1. Always go for a camera phone with a flash. Sony Ericsson phones that come with camera and are available at a low price often lack a flash. If the phone lacks a flash, you may notice that the camera of the phone may turn useless while taking snaps in dim environments. Here are some camera phones that come with flash XERPIA X1, XERPIA X2, XERPIA X10,G900, G705, W702, W705, W715, S302, Aino, and Satio.
  2. Make sure the phone that you intend to buy does not lag for a second or two when you take snaps. When the phone lags while taking a snap, you end up taking a photo after one or two seconds after you have pressed the camera button. This can be very irritating when you are taking snaps of a moving object.
  3. Phones with less than 2 megapixel camera will allow you to take snaps with less clarity. 2 megapixels camera phones of Sony Ericsson are capable of taking good photographs. The higher the megapixel of the camera phone, the more will be clarity of the images.
  4. Cyber-shot range of digital cameras from Sony is quite famous. It makes use of Carl Zeiss lenses which is the best when it comes to digital photography. There are plenty of Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot cell phones that can be used for taking amazing snaps. Some of the famous Cyber-shot phones include 3.2 megapixel phones such as C510 and C702, 5 megapixel phones such as C902 and C903. The C905 phone is powered with 8.1 megapixel camera. Some other Cyber-shot camera phones include K790, K550, K800, K770, K850, etc.
  5. Make use of the phone finder option available on websites like and All you need to do is choose the brand name as Sony Ericsson and other information such as megapixel and flash. Before buying a phone, make sure you compare it other phones that you have shortlisted.

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