Tips to Buy Used a Cell Phone

cell-phonesUnless you are renewing your cell phone contract or starting a new one, buying new cell phones can be very costly.  Instead of buying new cell phones, you can go for used cell phones. By carefully searching for a correct used cell phone, you end up using a phone that has a lot features and still save on the money. Here are some tips to buy used a cell phone:

  1. You should be aware as to which cell phones your cellular service provider will activate. A lot of service providers only activate certain phones. What you can do is call up the customer support department or check the website of the service provider to know a list of phones that will work.
  2. Think about the features that you will like your phone to have. Do you need a camera phone? Will you be using it to send text messages or emails? Answering such questions will definitely help in controlling the expenditure on the used phone.
  3. Research online for the phones that you have in your mind. Moreover, you should also look for the phone that will be activated by your cell phone service provider. Checkout various cell phone reviews and compare them.
  4. Once you have found a used phone, you should assess its condition. Check for dents and marks. See if you can replace the front and back panel with new ones if there is any problem with it.
  5. The battery of the used cell phones does not have a lasting power. If need you may replace the old battery with a new one.
  6. Have a direct communication with the seller and ask if the phone works properly. For how many months did the previous owner used the phone? Has the cell phone been dropped anytime?
  7. Try to find out the history of the phone and all the known issues associated with it if any. Check if the phone is completely free from any defect. There have been instances that the phone may work fine in front of you and the seller and you will come to know about its problems only when you use it.
  8. Find out the price rate of the used phone across various website or stores and if a seller allows you to bargain, try to go for the lowest price after doing a proper research.

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