Tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy S Battery Life

Do you feel that the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S is getting exhausted very quickly?  The Samsung Galaxy S runs on Android OS and functions like a computer. It has got loads of features. However, these features do eat up a lot of battery and you may feel like charging your phone quite often. To save your battery from running out before the day ends, you should use your phone’s features carefully. Just by tweaking a few things, you can make your battery last longer.

Here are some tips that can help you increase the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S.

Evaluate Your Battery Use
The Battery Use option on your phone lets you find out what is causing the battery to drain quickly.
You can access it by going into Settings > About Phone > Battery Use and go through the list mentioned there. It will list all the items that drain your battery such as Android System, Phone Idle, Cell Standby, Display and so on. If Display ranks at the top of the list, it means that the display is consuming a lot of battery. You should reduce the brightness of the phone.

Another example can be about the web browser on the phone. If the web browser is consuming lot of resources, you can quit multiple windows that you have kept open or you can quit pages that refresh automatically.

Stop External Connections
If you keep the Wi-Fi feature enabled whole day, the battery can die very soon. So, you should disable Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Also, if you are away from the access point and the phone is not able to connect the Wi-Fi network easily, it can consume a lot of battery as it will automatically try to connect to the network frequently.

If you are not using the GPS feature on the phone, it will be good if you turn it off as it eats up a lot of power. The reason why you need to turn it off is that it frequently communicates with the satellites to give you the exact positioning details. It would be wise if you use a power adapter while accessing GPS in your car when you are on a long journey.

Again, you should turn off the Bluetooth or Bluetooth device like Bluetooth handsfree, etc, if you are not using it.

Task Manager
Using a Task Manager app will let you kill all those processes or apps that is running unnecessarily.

Power Off When The Signal is Poor
The battery depletes faster in areas where signal is not good. In such situations, it is better to turn off the phone because the phone continuously searches for the network and if it does not finds one, it can exhaust the battery quickly.

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