Tips To Make Your BlackBerry Faster

System resources are one of the primary reasons as to why your BlackBerry phone is working very slowly. You can make your BlackBerry perform faster if you free up memory on the phone. Here are some tips on how to achieve it:

Enable Content Compression
As the name suggests, it helps in compressing the content on the phone until it is accessed by reducing its size. It may take a bit longer to open but it will help in giving better performance.

Remove BlackBerry Help App
When you can access internet on your phone, you can get help and support on the BlackBerry website and other sites on the web. Hence, you do not require BlackBerry Help App and free up some space.

Delete Different Language Packages
Your device will contain some language packages such as German and Spanish, etc. If you do not use them, you can go ahead and safely delete from your phone.

Delete Old Appointments
Having plenty of old appointments can eat up a lot of memory. You can delete these appointments and make some space. Usually this option will not help you much in saving memory.

Install Apps on Memory Card
If you go installing apps on your phone memory, the phone will perform sluggishly. Hence, it is advisable to install apps on the memory card.

Delete Unwanted Apps
Your phone may contain plenty of preloaded apps that you may have never used or may not want to use. If you can delete such apps, you will save a lot of space. You can also try deleting games that you never play. This will help in navigating through apps easily as there will be less apps left on the phone.

Delete BlackBerry Sample Video
Some people are not even aware that their BlackBerry contains sample videos. These videos can be deleted because you may not be playing them.

Cookies and Cache
If you use internet a lot on your phone, it is recommended to delete cookies and cache file to save a lot of memory. Another thing it can do is that you won’t have any privacy issue because all your confidential information will be deleted.

These tips are simple to follow and it can work on most of your BlackBerry phones. By doing steps, you can surely make your BlackBerry perform faster.

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