Top 5 Applications for Google Android Users

bigbenmoby432Leading cell phone manufacturing companies like HTC, LG, Acer, Motorola, Samsung, etc are all manufacturing phones with Android operating system. Through this we can understand the popularity of Android. The best thing about owning a Google Android powered phone is that you have 10,000+ applications to choose from. Here, we have listed down top 5 applications for Google Android users.

Best Application for Travel

Wikitude – It is one of the coolest applications that can make your journey a wonderful experience. If you are driving and spot a building and you are eager to know about it, you can make use of the Wikitude app which make use of a technology called augmented reality to get information from Wikipedia, phone’s compass, camera to get detailed information about the image.

Best Application for Listening to Streaming Music

Pandora – It is a great application to stream music to your phone by connecting to the internet. All you need to do is type in a station or the name of an artist to know stations that feature the artist you have searched for and also get to know about similar artists. The ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ feature will set your preferences to play music according to your taste.

Best Application for Accessing Twitter

Twidroid – It is a wonderful application that lets you get in touch with your buddies on Twitter. You can not only send tweets but also checkout timeline, follow and unfollow Twitter users, etc. It is very easy to use and looks very sleek.

Best Application for Shopping

GoCart – Another powerful application that will help in shopping online smartly and wisely. It makes use of the GPS and camera of the phone to scan barcodes. The next thing it will do is search on the internet and local shops to compare the price of the same product on different online outlets. You can also read user reviews before the product. The price alert feature will inform you whenever the price of the product goes down.

Best Application for Finding Movies

Flixter – A very famous application that helps you find out show timings of various movies that are being screened at different cities. You can search by means of the city name, state or zip code. After you find a movie on this app, you can check out its trailers, ratings, reviews, and other related information. You can also get information about the movies that have been released recently on DVD.

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