Top 5 Games For Android Phones.

xmm.u.cs.pngGoogle’s Android is the operating system found on HTC Hero. The Android OS is also available in a variety of other phones across leading cell phone companies. The Android is a very versatile platform because of which you can find plenty of applications and games available on the internet for Android phones.

Here is the list of top 5 games for android phones.

1. Cestos

It is one of the most multiplayer games that can be played on Android phones. During its first week of release, the game was downloaded over 10,000 times. In the game you are supposed to shoot opponent marble shaped creatures and to win the game, your marble should last till the end. Your marble also has the power to leave land mines where it goes. If any marble comes in contact with it, it explodes and flies uncontrollably. It can be best enjoyed when played online. This game is available for free.

2. Buka

Buka is a wonderful game which involves beating all the bad guys and various kinds of obstacles and dangers. With single touch, you can explode and create shockwaves which saves Buka from the baddies. The aim of the game is to lead Buka who is on a mission to find The Happy Place.

3. Project INF

It is a multiplayer shooting game in which you have to create a player, modify its stats and make it powerful by equipping it with armor and ammunition and start shooting your opponents. You can play with up to 24 players on a map and it becomes very exciting when you become a part of team and involve in big fights. It has got wonderful graphics and sound effects.

4. Mystery Castle II Pagoda in the Sun

It is a sequel to the award winning game ‘Mystery Castle’. It is a single player game in which Monty the wizard is all set to fight against the vampire baron Fang and his armed forces. Monty has to go through 50 dangerous rooms to find the Emeralds of Power from the enemy’s pagoda. Each and every room has deadly and ghostly characters that make Monty’s life living hell.

5. Battle for Mars

It is one of the expensive games available for Android phones. It is a turn-based strategy game that costs $4.99 but the addictive gameplay will make you realize that it is worth the price. You are on Mars and your duty is to defeat the locals by cleverly positioning your troops.

It is always a good thing to have these games on your android phones. Download them to your phone and have a great time.

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