Understanding the Samsung Bada OS

samsung bada mobile OS 300x300 Understanding the Samsung Bada OSSamsung Electronics released the Samsung Bada OS in the month of August 2010. It is a cheap and easy to use smartphone platform that can be only found in some of the specially designed Samsung phones to run this OS. The word ‘bada’ means ocean in Korean language. After the success of the beta version that was released in May 2010, the final version was released in August on the Samsung Wave S5800 phone.

With famous smartphone OS platform such as Android, iOS and Symbian already ruling over the market, Samsung effort to release their proprietary OS can be considered to be a brave one. After turning on the Bada powered smartphone, some users were disappointed because they could not find some handy features. One sad thing about this OS was that it did not have any welcome tour or tutorial for acquaint the users with the features of OS. Some of the apps fail to install or run.

The interface of the Samsung Bad OS is nothing refreshing and it is quite predictable. The information bar has got several notifications for the user such as Wi-Fi connection icon, battery level, time and other alerts such as SMS, email, calls, etc. One thing we did not like was after inserting the SD card, the phone shows an icon which indicates that there is a SD card inserted in the phone. The icon remains there forever and it only adds to the clutter at the information bar.

The application support is good. You can find famous apps such as Twitter and Facebook at the app store. The email app lets you add various email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, etc by simply inputting email address and password. The multimedia performance is good but browsing on the web is not a pleasant experience. The Samung Dolfin web browser (v2.0) has a very unfriendly user interface. The important features such as refresh/stop, back, forward, etc are kept when the browser is switched to the full-screen mode.

Since Bada OS is still v1.0, it is not set to give competition to other famous operating systems of smartphones. Bada’s application store does not have many apps as you can find in Android Market or Ovi Store (for Symbian phones). Against all odds, the current version of the OS indicates that it has got lot of potential and in the near future it can become a good competitor to famous smartphone OS platforms.

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