Using OviMaps for GPS on Your Nokia

Ovi Maps was first known as Nokia Maps and to use it the users had to pay subscription fees. Most people could not afford to pay high subscription fees to get navigation information. Soon Nokia Maps evolved into Ovi Maps that came with plenty of new features but still users were required to pay high subscription fees to use it. Soon Nokia realized that their GPS application is not being used by the people. Rather people preferred to use Google Maps which was available for free. In order to keep with the competition Nokia started giving the Ovi Maps for free which means users are not required to pay any fee to use it. Moreover, most of the new cell phones released by Nokia have Ovi Maps application pre-installed on it.

You can download the latest version of the Ovi Maps from the Nokia Betalabs website for free.  Ovi Maps is one of the most user-friendly GPS applications for Symbian phones. Once you install the Ovi Maps application on your Nokia phone, a ‘Maps’ icon will appear in the Main Menu. After launching the ‘Maps’ application, you will see several icons in it such as My Position, Search, Share location, Favorites, Drive, and Walk. Here is a low down on the features of Ovi Maps

1. My Position – When you click on it, the GPS will get activated and the application will show your location. In order to receive the GPS signal, you should be in a open area. If you are inside the house  or some place where the phone is not able to receive the signal properly, the application will fail to show your location.

2. Search – It allows you to enter the name of a place where you want to go.  To refine your search, you can browse through various categories such as Automotive, Schools, Hospitals, etc . A search will yield many results. If you happen to find the appropriate place, you can choose the Drive or Walk option to navigate to that place. In order to show you the navigation path, the application will first lock the GPS and then display you the navigation path.

3.  Share – It allows you to share your location with your buddies on your social networking sites. For this you are required to login with your Ovi Maps account.

4. Favorites – It will show the list of places that you have added as favorites.

5. Drive – It will help you to drive to your home location or to a place that you have saved as favorites on the map or to any place on the map.

6. Walk – It will help you to walk to your home location or to a place that you have saved as favorites on the map or to any place on the map.

7. Voice navigation  – You can go into the Settings and then inside the Navigation option you can download the voice navigation feature. You can download voice navigation in various languages such as US English, UK English,  Korean language, etc.  The voice navigation feature will play voice and tell you turn left or right  in order to guide you to your destination.

8. Synchronization – You can access Ovi Maps on your PC by visiting the website and entering the Nokia account login details and there you can add places to the Favorites menu. After you launch the Ovi Maps application, go to the Favorites menu and then click on Synchronize with Ovi and then your Ovi Maps application that is present on your phone will synchronize with the Favorites that is present on the website.

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