Using Twitter from Your Cell Phone

twitterfonTwitter is very popular social networking website and micro-blogging service where friends keep in touch with each other by posting updates also known as ‘tweets’. Even though tweeting can be done through website, people have been updating tweets through various kinds of methods such as instant messengers, cell phones and application from third party companies. Twitter is the most popular site in the world considering the fact that it grew by more than 1000 percent by March 2009, overtaking the likes of Facebook and Zimbio.

There are two ways through which you can access Twitter on your cell phone namely, SMS (text message) and Twitter application or internet access.

  • Using Twitter via SMS

Open on your computer and click on ‘Join For Free’, then go to Settings link> Phone & IM link and enter your cell phone number and click on the Save button and then click on ‘It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone. Std. rates apply’ in order to receive Twitter updates.

If you are not from US, you need to type + and your country code and proceed with the registration steps. Within a few minutes you will receive a message from Twitter ‘That worked! What are you doing now?’ which means you are now ready to tweet your friends.

Sending tweets via SMS
You can send tweets via SMS to all the Twitter friends located in US. This can be done by sending the text to 40404. If you love tweeting a lot, you can opt for an unlimited SMS plan as per the tariff plan provided by your cellular service provider.

Receive tweets
In order to receive tweets from your followers through SMS, you need to go to the Message Settings > Options and select the option for receiving updates through SMS sent to your cell phone.

Tips for sending tweets via cell phone:

To send a tweet to a person:
@username (type your message here without brackets)

To send a private message to a person:
D username (type your message here without brackets)

To checkout profiles of Twitter users who have not blocked their updates:
WHOIS (type the username)

  • Using Twitter on Smartphone or PDA:

If you have internet access on your Smartphone or PDA, you will be able to open the website or you can also access the same via Twitter mobile wapsite: After you sign in with your Twitter id and password, you will see an easy interface that will allow you to send and receive tweets.

On Blackberry phones, you can access Twitter via ‘Twitterberry’ application. On Apple iPhone, you can access Twitter via ‘Twitterfon’ application. There are many third applications available on the internet, you can download and install on your phone to access Twitter with ease. Before you download any Twitter application, it is advisable to checkout the credibility of the application. This can be done by checking out user reviews available on the internet.

Tweeting through cell phone is easy and is one of the best ways to stay updated no matter wherever you are.

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