Using Your Cell Phone to Monitor Your Baby

motherbabycell Full 300x174 Using Your Cell Phone to Monitor Your BabyWhenever the parents are away from their baby, they are always worried about the well-being of the baby. Parents usually make use of electronic machine called baby monitor which is nothing but a radio system that allows the parents to hear the sounds made by a baby. Such an electronic device cost around $15 to $20. Rather than spending money on an extra electronic device to hear the sounds of your baby, you can make use of your cell phone to do the same job for you. It can come very handy if your baby monitor is not working or you have forgotten to carry it along with you while you are travelling.

How to use a cell phone as a baby monitor?

  • In order to do this, you need two cell phones out of which one should have the ‘Mute’ and ‘Speaker Phone’ features. You can find these features in almost all cell phones that are available these days.
  • The cell phones should have a plan of unlimited minutes. This can be done by checking with your cell phone service provider. This will save your money as the length of the call while baby monitory can last over 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Place a cell phone near the crib. You should make sure that this cell phone is kept on silent mode and does not vibrate. The job of a baby monitor is to silently (without disturbing your baby) inform you about the sound of the baby.
  • Activate the automatic call answer mode on the phone kept near your baby. This feature may not be available in some cell phones. If this feature is not available, what you can do is make a call from the same cell phone that is kept near baby to the other cell phone that will be kept with you. (Note: The cell phone at your end should have the Mute and Speakerphone features)
  • The bottom line is to establish a call between the two cell phones namely; the one that is kept near the baby and the other one being the cell phone having Mute and Speakerphone features that you are carrying.
  • The next step would be to activate the mute and speakerphone feature on the phone that is kept with you after you have established a call. When you activate the ‘Mute’ feature, the baby will not be able to hear any sound from the phone that is present near the crib whereas the parents will be easily able to hear the sounds of the baby.
  • You can keep the speakerphone feature activated in the phone that is kept with you. This way you can hear the sounds of the infant and have a peace of mind as your cell phone will let you know about your baby’s safety and keep you alert while you are busy with other chores.

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