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November 18th, 2013

Three Android Apps that Make Life a Little Easier

In a rather short time, Android has become one of the most popular and widespread Smartphone operating systems around today. It seems that just about every person has a Smartphone device sitting in their pockets, although, with the endless number of snazzy complex apps around, very often people seem to ignore the simpler, yet extremely useful, applications that are waiting for you. We all know where to find pictures of cats doing funny things, or how to turn your phone into some top mobile casino. We all know about the pleasures of flinging kamikaze birds into unsuspecting evil pigs, or jumping and sliding through obstacles in order to escape the dreaded Temple. But what about the more practical features, that will help you in your daily life? Here are three perfect apps to make your life a little easier.

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June 1st, 2012

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing New Android Phone

Most of the smartphones available in the market are Android phones.  Except for Nokia and BlackBerry, most of the known mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony are mostly manufacturing phones that run on Android. Hence, it is not that easy to purchase an Android phone as there are so many options available. Before you go ahead and purchase yourself an Android phone, you should consider some points so that you get the best phone for yourself.  Here are five things that you need to consider when purchasing new Android phone:

1. Android
There are many versions of Android operating system. The oldest is Éclair and the newest is Ice Cream Sandwich. As far as performance is concerned, the ICS Android OS offers the best overall performance. Only a few mobile phones are running on Android ICS. Most of the Android ICS OS phones are expensive whereas the smartphones running on older versions like GingerBread and Froyo are cheaper.

2. CPU
An Android phone with slow CPU will make your phone perform sluggishly. Such a phone will take longer to start or finish any task and can frustrate you easily. The faster the CPU, the faster will be the performance of the phone. Dual core and quad core phones deliver snappy performance. However, such phones are expensive. If you want to purchase a decent phone, the ideal choice would be to purchase a phone with minimum 1GHz processor.

3. Battery life
You need to read the review of the phone to learn about its battery life. Before you purchase the phone, it should be very clear about the battery performance of the phone. It should offer at least 6 hours of talk time on 3G.

4. Display size
The larger the size of the display, the more resources such as battery and CPU it can consume. Since the Android OS is very versatile, apart from using your phone for normal usage, you can even install computer OS like Windows 7 on your phone. Hence, the ideal size of the display should be 4.0 inches.

5. Design
Things like size, shape and material of the external body are very important things to consider before buying an Android phone. As compared to metal body phone, a plastic body phone can be lightweight. Get a phone that fits in your hands easily. Avoid purchasing huge sized phones as it will be troublesome to get the phone out of your pocket.

May 4th, 2012

Everything You Need to Know About 4G

Verizon, Sprint, and  T-Mobile are all providing their subscribers 4G internet connectivity. When we used 3G internet connection on out phone, we felt that it is the fastest internet connectivity that one can avail on their smartphone. However, the 4G network has turned out to be even faster. So let us try to understand more about 4G.

What is 4G?
4G stands for fourth generation wireless. This technology enables you to do VOIP, internet browsing, play games and stream HD videos. Before 4G, 2G and 3G wireless were known to the people. 2G is all about switching from analog to digital transmissions. This technology brought to the world facilities like sending and receiving SMS and email on their phone. 3G technology brought features like global roaming, video calling, sharing the same data network with others and high speed web connectivity. The average speed that you can avail through 3G can range from 600 kilobytes per second to 1.4Megabytes per second. When you compare 3G with 4G, you will be able to achieve the same but with more speed and bandwidth.

According to ITU (International Telecommunication Union), 4G is fast paced internet connection that offers speeds of 100Mbps whichever place you go. This is high mobility for 4G. When it comes to low mobility which means Wi-Fi range, you can get up to 1Gbps speed. However, most of the cellular network service provider’s 4G speeds do not come any close.

Here are some of the technologies that are available in United States. You should be aware of it because these technologies are made available as 4G:

1. WiMax
WiMax is nothing but an extension of Wi-Fi connection which means it offers high speed wireless web connection on a wide range of devices. Sprint is offering this service as 4G which offers 128Mbps HDSPA and 56Mbps HSUPA.

2. LTE (Long Term Evolution)
This is the 4G service offered by Verizon which offers 100Mbps HDSPA and 50Mbps HSUPA. The LTE service cannot be actually called 4G but exclusively refers to 3GPP LTE. LTE Advanced which is yet to launch may meet the 4G standards by offering HSDPA of 1Gbps.

3. HSPA+ (Evolved High Speed Packet Access)
HSPA+ is the 4G service offered by T-Mobile. Sprint and Verizon offers the same service as 3G data. Even though HSPA+ offers high speed connectivity, the speed is much less as compared to LTE and WiMax as it offers 56Mbps HSUPA and 22Mbps HSDPA.

April 20th, 2012

Why Do You Need Phone Insurance?

Buying a smartphone is not a luxury any more. It has become a necessity as people require it for their business and general use. When you purchase an expensive cell phone, you will always think about keeping it safe and secure in order to prevent someone from robbing it. When you lose your phone, you also end up losing all the numbers of your contacts. Hence, losing a mobile phone can be very frustrating. The best thing you can do for you is avail a mobile phone insurance to recover your losses when you lose your phone.

Few years ago, nobody talked about getting phone insurance. However, today’s scenario is quite different. These days’ people are more interested in purchasing highly priced gadgets. Only issues like technical and software problems can be dealt under manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer does not provide any kind of service to compensate for the loss in case you lose your phone or it is damaged. That is the reason why you should think of obtaining an insurance coverage for your phone.

There are many insurance companies that are providing coverage not only for smartphones but also for other gadgets like laptops and tablets. Since there are so many options available, you need to input your time and energy to search for the best insurance provider. A thing that you should keep in mind while searching for a mobile insurance provider is to see that the insurance policy should also cover replacement or phone repair expenses after the warranty provided by manufacturer is over.

If your phone gets damaged because of fire, water, accidents or it is robbed, the phone insurance can come handy in getting compensation. If anything happens to your phone and you are unable to use it, after applying for a claim, you will receive a replacement phone within two days. However, you may not be able to get back your lost contacts through insurance.

You may also get reimbursement money according to present market price of your phone. Another good thing about phone insurance, you need not worry about the bill payment for the calls that were made after a damage or theft of your phone. The phone insurance company will take care of it.

Mobile phones have become very versatile. You can use it like a handheld computer. It is one of our important possessions. Hence, it is sensible to acquire phone insurance from a well-recognized insurance provider.

April 13th, 2012

5 Things You Should Do When You Lose Your Phone

These days most of the phones that are available in the market come with rich features. When you lose an expensive cell phone with your sensitive data inside it, you may get disturbed very much. If you had enabled password protection on your phone, there is a possibility that your data can remain safe. Here we have listed down some tips that can help you find your lost phone. Here are five things you can do in such a situation:

1.  Call on your phone and also send a text message. If a good person has found your phone, he will not in meeting you to return your phone. However, chances are there that your phone may be unavailable or switched off when you call your phone. If someone happens to pick your phone, you need to plead and request him to give back your phone. You can offer him a reward.

2.  Find out the IMEI number of your phone. The number can be found on the box package of your phone. You can visit a police station that is located near the place where you lost your phone. File an FIR and provide them your IMEI number.

3. Make use of the security apps to get back your phone. Anti-theft apps often people find their phone back. When the thief tries to insert his SIM card after removing yours, the app will automatically send a text message about its location to a pre-saved number. Through GPS, you can learn about the exact location of your phone. You can also remotely wipe off all the data of your phone.ind out the IMEI number of your phone. The number can be found on the box package of your phone. You can visit a police station that is located near the place where you lost your phone. File an FIR and provide them your IMEI number.

4. When you lose your phone, you should not lose off. Imagine the scenario when you lost your phone and go back to those places where you think your phone was lost and look carefully. May be your will be able to find your phone fallen at some place.

5. When you lose your phone, you should not panic. It can be very disheartening and if you start panicking, you won’t be able to think logically. Hence, you need to remain calm and think of the ways to get back your lost phone. The worst thing that can happen to you in this situation is that you may end up buying a new phone for yourself.

March 23rd, 2012

Enhance Your Photos Using Skitch on Android

Skitch is a very useful photo editing application that allows you to draw on the photos.  It can be effectively used to bring life into dull and boring photos. It lets you add witty captions to your photos. Recently, the app became quite famous because it was announced that the app now belongs to Evernote. The latest version of this app is available on the Android Market.

What is Skitch?
If you haven’t used Skitch before, you may not know why this app is so famous. Skitch is a very easy to use photo enhancement application. As mentioned before, Skitch allows you to add annotations to the photos that you have snapped with the camera of the phone.  Also, it allows you to draw shapes on your photos. Basically, these are the only two things that this app can do for you. You need to put your creativity and imagination into practice to enhance your photos by using Skitch. One good thing about Skitch is that it is very user-friendly. The moment you launch it, you will know what you have to do with it.

Drawing shapes of different sizes is not at all difficult on this app. Since it is touch-enabled, the possibilities of making various can be endless. By just touching and dragging on the screen, you can make squares, circles and what not. When you want to annotate any photo, you can simply use your fingers to write text. You can even use the virtual keyboard to add text. When there is Skitch in your phone, you can edit the photos that are stored in your phone or you can use the app to launch the camera and snap photos and edit them with Sktitch.

The photos that you edit and save on your phone can be shared with your friends by using the social networking apps installed on your Android phone. So, your edited photos can be seen by your friends on Google +, Twitter, and Facebook and other social networking sites.

Most of the reviews that you can see on the Android Market for Skitch are positive. Since Evernote always concentrate in helping you make notes easily, you can understand even Skitch can help in some way in adding notes to your photos. Even though it comes with simple features, you can have great fun with Skitch. One good thing about this app is even if you have slow processor phone, the app does not lag and performs smoothly.

March 16th, 2012

iPhone 5 News – Expectations on iPhone 5 Features

The whole world is talking about the iPhone 5 release date. Speculations are going on about its features too. However, there is no confirmation on the release date as well as the features of the iPhone 5. Even though the phone is not in the market, experts have made solid confirmations on the iPhone 5 features based on the iOS 5.1 Beta.

Here are some of the features that you may see in the iPhone 5:

Bigger Form Factor
According to the iPhone 5 news on the testing product that was leaked out, there is a speculation that the iPhone 5 is going to be bigger device. It is expected to have 4 inch display screen. The form factor will be similar to that of iPhone 4S. We feel that the speculation of having a curved glass display is untrue as the rival company Samsung is going to use that technology on their forthcoming devices.

Better Display
The iPhone 5 is also expected to support high resolution display. If the display is going to be bigger, the screen resolution is also expected to be suitable for high quality video-watching.

Quad-Core Processor
With major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc producing quad-core processor powered smartphones, Apple will also make sure that their new device is up in competition with other smartphones. Since the people that have used the iPhone 4S have complained that the phone tends to lag during operations, Apple will not disappoint its users with the new iPhone device. The iPhone 5 is expected to hit the market with the A6 quad-core processor.

4G / LTE Support
The Motorola 4 Droid and Samsung Infuse are few smartphones that are available in the market that support 4G and LTE. So, we think that if Apple wants to stay in fierce competition with its competitors, the iPhone 5 should support 4G and LTE.

Other Features
If you go by the sales reports of the iPhone 4S 64GB devices, you can expect that the iPhone 5 should also be available with 64GB storage capacity. Since there are high expectations on a larger display and quad-core processor onboard, we can also imagine that the iPhone 5 will come with a high performance and long lasting battery.