Top Ten Features of iOS 5.0

ios5 300x195 Top Ten Features of iOS 5.0Apple has announced that there new version of iOS will be available the end of the year 2011. The iOS 5.0 has got plenty of cool features. Here are the top ten features of iOS 5.0 to look out for:

Notification Center
The notification center that displays on the standby screen allows you to checkout all kinds of notifications like new mails, new text messages, upcoming events, reminders and so on. You can customize and choose the notifications that you want it show.

A single folder called Newsstand lets you view add, delete and manage all the magazines and subscriptions. It allows you to quickly check out all the latest news easily.

With iMessage, you can send text messages, emails, photos, chat, etc without spending any money. You can Wi-Fi or 3G to do all these things. Also, iPhone and iPad users can converse with each other through iMessage.

It lets you make to-do lists for managing your schedules. Thanks to iCloud integration, the updates are automatically sync on all your devices that run on iOS.

Twitter support
The Twitter App lets you tweet from any app on the phone such as Camera app, iMessage app, Safari web browsers, etc. When you tweet, you can even add your location so that it displays your location whenever you tweet.

Camera App
The all new camera app on iOS 5.0 lets you access spontaneously by click of a button. Even on a locked screen you can capture moments instantly by using the volume up button. Through iCloud, your photos will get updated on all your iDevices.

Photos App
This app lets you do many things with photos captured by means of the Camera app. You can enhance the existing photos, resize them, rotate them, crop them and use various editing features. The enhanced photos get synchronized on all iDevices through iCloud.

Safari Web Browser
The Safari web browser performance is simply impressive. It is very fast and lets you read articles without getting distracted by ads or pop-ups. Compared to the previous version, it works faster and supports JavaScript and it quickly caches the pages you visit. Tabbed browsing which was not present in iOS 4.3.3 is present in the new iOS 5.0.

Wi-Fi Sync
The Wi-Fi Sync feature lets you sync your iPhone with other iDevices with a MAC or personal computer through Wi-Fi. Thanks to iCloud and iOS 5.0, you actually do not require a computer to sync your iPhone or iPad.

Other Features
If you do not want to disturb others, you can set the iPhone to flash its LED or vibrate whenever it receives an alert. The Game Center app lets you start or join games with other iPad or iPhone users and do various things like create profiles, choose opponents and so on.

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