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htc tilt 2 300x200 HTC Tilt Review   The Professional ChoiceIf you are looking for a superior choice, a phone that will be able to handle everything you throw at it and more look no further. The HTC Tilt (8925) is one of the most if not the most advanced smartphone available today. Loaded with features this powerhouse promises to deliver.

Catering to the technology and business-savvy consumer HTC has outdone itself with the innovative quad-band Tilt.

What separates the Tilt from other smartphones is its unique design. Slide out the screen and you are treated to a full QWERTY-keyboard (many smartphones claim to have a “full” keyboard but the Tilt’s blows away the competition) complete with large individual tactile keys for each letter. With this keyboard typing out e-mails and work documents is completely feasible regardless of their length. Because of the large size of the keys there is no extra space for a dedicated numpad. Instead HTC opted for an intuitive shared key system where there is a numpad created and clearly marked with silver on the keyboard – a great mixture of functionality and style.

htc tilt open slide 300x236 HTC Tilt Review   The Professional ChoiceNow, you may be wondering where the Tilt got its name. The Tilt’s screen actually tilts up to 40 degrees! This aids the user in reading documents, watching video, and doing whatever they please. The Tilt’s touch screen display measures 2.8-inches diagonally and is clear and displays colour well. The Tilt is constructed very well and it is a sturdy device so there is no worry about the tilting mechanism or the sliding mechanism wearing out or breaking on you. With all of this durability comes some extra weight though, the Tilt comes in at a hefty 173 grams.

The Tilt comes with Windows Mobile Professional Six which supports everything you need and is very user-friendly. Included as well is the full Microsoft Mobile Office Suite which is a must-have for any business professional. With the Tilt you will be able to edit, view, and create PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents on the go. PDF files are also supported so that you can view your latest documents in PDF format. A voice recorder, a calculator, and a ZIP archive manager are also at your fingertips. The Tilt comes with around 150MB of dedicated storage but you can expand that by up to 4GB with the microSD memory slot. The Tilt also comes with Windows Media Player 10 which takes care of all your multimedia needs. Pictures are handled by a great 3-megapixel (one of the highest on the market) camera, and there is full editing functionality built in to the device.

htc tilt 1 300x243 HTC Tilt Review   The Professional ChoiceFor your online communication needs the Tilt has you covered. The tilt fully supports Microsoft’s Direct Push technology which will allow you to receive your e-mails and sync with your outlook calendar and tasks efficiently. The Tilt is able to retrieve e-mail in other ways as well, including support for Blackberry Connect, IMAP, and POP3. For your instant messaging needs the Tilt comes equipped with support for Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and AIM. The Tilt has full Wi-Fi support (802.11b/g) along with support for Bluetooth 2.0.The Tilt also comes fully equipped with built-in GPS radio which can be used with a variety of applications.

Battery life is not the greatest, but that is to be expected of such a large and media intensive device. It is rated at four and a half hours of talk time and up to two weeks for standby time. If you are a business professional or are looking for a superior phone that will cater to all of your needs you should give the Tilt a good look.

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