HTC Touch Pro Review

htc touch pro slide HTC Touch Pro Review

HTC launched the HTC Touch Pro with a five row QWERTY keyboard in this release as its major attraction, added to that there is a magnificent looking touch screen. The bearer of HTC Touch Pro shall always attract envy.

The HTC Touch Pro has Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 professional version as its chief operating system with 288 MB RAM, which is more than sufficient to run most mobile applications smoothly. It has become fairly popular among the executive class. It has a wide gamut of multimedia services such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and EV-DO Rev etc.

This awesome HTC Touch Pro phone has enough features to satiate anybody. On the first look you will have a feel of it being HTC Touch Diamond, its previous model but its slide out QWERTY keyboard will be you a really new soothing effect. This QWERTY keyboard has switches distinct enough but it is still smaller than previous sets. With the short cut messaging services usability has further enhanced for a messaging freak.

htc touch pro HTC Touch Pro ReviewThough it can be at times cumbersome to carry at 4 by 2 inches having a weight of 5.3 ounces but its compactness and extra features mitigates these demerits. It has a sleek look with rounded edges and silvery mirrored face. The HTC Touch Pro has an A.C charger, screen protector, 1GB micro SD card with casing, belt holster, micro USB headphone adapter and a wired stereo headset as its accessories . The display is 2.8 inches TFT-LCD VGA touch screen.

The HTC Touch Pro has a 3.2 megapixel camera which can be directly accessed through Touch FLO 3D user interface. This camera has auto focusing and built in flash technology and images are of really good quality. There is toolbar on the foot of the screen which serves as a good short cut for navigation, further it can be scrolled through whole left to right. In many applications one can enter into folders just by mere movement of fingers.

HTC Touch Pro has a wholesome pleasing 3D effect. Having loaded with all these useful, diversified, eye catching options available the phone can be sluggish at times when multiple applications or complex applications are going on. Furthermore there is no dedicated key for camera shortcut and it does not come with a standard head phone jack (although there is an audio adapter). Nevertheless, the HTC Touch Pro remains a real delight for a mobile geek.

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