Innovation & Style – LG Decoy Review

lg-decoyAnother great offering from LG, the Decoy (VX8610) is an innovative piece of technology that is also pleasing to the eye. If you are looking to embrace Bluetooth and like slide phones then this is the ideal choice for you!

Visually the LG Decoy is notable for the incredible shine it has and its great shape. Very similar to the LG Shine the Decoy is a slide phone that is controlled by a central joystick navigational button surrounded by four additional buttons. The surface of the phone has a very glossy finish and while it looks very stylish it can quickly get covered with fingerprints and smudges if you are not careful. The 2.2-inch screen is gorgeous and vibrant and does not overwhelm the device.

lg-decoy-bluetooth-headsetWhat really sets the Decoy apart from other phones is all of the technology and innovation that is packed into it. Most notably the Decoy is the first phone to have a Bluetooth headset built right into the device!

Secured onto its back the LG Decoy has a Bluetooth headset that sits comfortably in a custom-fitted dock. When you press down on a tiny latch on the top the headset will slide out into your hand. This innovation is a lifesaver as it makes sure you will always have your headset with your phone when you need it. Specifically designed for the Decoy the included headset works flawlessly with the device and performs well. Unfortunately the headset does not have any noise or echo-cancelling technology but unless you are going to be in a very crowded area this will not be an issue.

The Decoy also comes with a built in 2-megapixel camera and camcorder along with a self-portrait mirror that can come in handy. Your audio needs can also be satisfied with the Decoy – it has a built in music player that performs well. The Decoy supports .wma, .mp3, and unprotected AAC/AAC+ audio formats. The Decoy is equipped with only 50MB of usable internal media storage so if you are going to be listening to music and recording video it is advisable to purchase a microSD card to expand your memory. The Decoy is compatible with microSD cards of up to 8GB which will give you plenty of space to work with.

lg-decoy-slide-openLG Decoy gives you plenty of options to customize your experience with various types of media. You can use your own wallpapers, sounds, graphics, and tones to truly make your Decoy unique. Games do not come included but you can download them from your provider.

All of the expected features are included on the Decoy including speakerphone, vibrate mode, text and multimedia messaging, a calculator, a calendar, an address book, an alarm clock, a stop watch, and even a notepad. For the more technological savvy the Decoy is capable of voice commands, instant messaging (Windows Live Messenger, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger are supported), and e-mail (MSN, AOL, and Yahoo Mail are supported). Web browsing is also supported.

LG Decoy gets around four hours of talk-time on its battery and almost two-weeks of standby time. The build quality is adequate and the sliding mechanism of the phone is assuring with its smooth motion. Overall the Decoy is a great phone and if you are looking to get a new phone as well as a Bluetooth headset the Decoy is a must-have!

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