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LG Octane 300x160 LG Octane ReviewThe LG Octane is a new addition to Verizone Wireless LG phones. The design of the phone resembles that of the LG EnV4. So, if you have used an enV series before you will come to know the similarities and differences easily. The phone measures 107 x 55 x 16 mm and weighs 128g.

On the front side of the LG Octane there is a small TFT display screen that measures 1.76 inches and has a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. This display can be used for dialing a number, sending text message and other simple functions. The d-pad that is located below this display is square and below it you can find the numpad dial-pad.

On the sides of the phone, you can find the volume controller, camera launching key, 2.5mm audio headset jack, microUSB slot, microSD slot. The phone can be opened like a compass box as it is equipped with 2-stop hinge. Inside it, you can find QVGA TFT display screen that measures 2.6 inches and on its left and right side, you can find the internal speakers. The QWERTY keyboard has got rows and there is little spacing between the buttons.

lg octane LG Octane ReviewThe user interface is pretty simple and it only consists of media center, messaging, contacts, recent calls, settings and tools. The Mobile Email app can be used for setting up email accounts and also emails with POP and IMPA accounts. As far as chatting is concerned, the Mobile IM lets you chat on all the famous messengers. You are also provided with a Skype Mobile app. The Social Beat lets you get in touch with your social networking sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and RSS. The phone comes with various other apps like MS Offic, GPS navigation software, and so on.

The 3 megapixel camera is a fixed focus one and comes with a single LED flash. The images taken outside were not that great and appeared somewhat grainy. Indoor images appeared blurry and when the flash was used, the images had a blue tint. Video recording can be done at 320 x 240 resolution at 15 fps. The music player is quite simple and it lets you access features while you listen to the music. The sound output of the LG Octane is quite low.

The internal memory of the phone is 102 MB which can be used for installing apps and other information. The 122 MB memory can be used for storing downloaded music from VCast and captured photos and videos. The HTML browser is good but is not Flash supported. Browsing can be done at Rev.0 up to 153.2 kbps on 3G. The 950mAh battery gives a standby time of 340 hours and talk time of over 6 hours.

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