LG Vu Plus Review

LG Vu was one of the first touch screen  phones from AT&T and now almost after 3  years of its release, LG has come up with  its successor phone – LG Vu Plus. The  design of the LG Vu Plus GR700 is way different  from its predecesor. It has a gunish metal  finsh and has a slight chrome border around  the display. The phone weighs 111.9g and  measures 109.4 x 53.3 x 15.2mm. The LG Vu  had a resistive display whereas the new LG  Vu Plus has capactive touch screen display  that measures 3 inches and has a display  resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and supports  262k colors.

Below the display, you can find few  physical buttons – send, end, and  back/clear. The microSD card slot is  present on the right edge of the phone and  the phone lacks a 3.5mm audio headset jack.  Moreover, LG does not provide headphones  with this phone. The microUSB slot on the  top side of the phone can be used for  charging, data transfer and also for  connecting headphones. At the back you will  find the 3 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash along with a speaker phone.

When you slide the display, you will be  able to access the 4-row QWERTY keyboard.  It is rectangular in shape and there is  hardly any space between the keys. Both the  physical QWERTY keyboard and on-screen  keyboard was found to be user-friendly. The  LG Vu Plus GR700’s home screen allows you to add  widgets, show contacts and shortcuts. There  are four icons present on the screen –  dialer, contacts, messaging and main menu.  You can setup your email accounts on AOL,  AIM and Gmail just by entering email id and  password. You can also access social  networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter  and MySpace on this phone. The IM  application allows you to go online on AIM,  Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo!  Messenger.

The 3 megapixel autofocus camera is capable  of taking decent snaps.The quality  decreased to some extent when we tooks in  low lighting conditions. The flash is of  hardly any help in poor lighting  conditions. You can record videos at 320 x  240 QVGA resolution at 14gps. The music  player has got the usual features like  album art and equalizer settings and what  we liked about the player is that it has  got three visualizations. You can play MP4  and 3GP files on this phone.

The internal memory of the phone is 50MB  and you expand the external memory up to  16GB. You can connect to the web at 3G  speeds of 7.2Mbps on HSDPA. There is no  WLAN feature on the LG Vu Plus. The Opera  Mini browser gives you the best browsing  experience. The other features of the phone  include Bluetooth and assisted GPS. The  standard 900mAh Li-Ion battery gives a  stand-by time of over 280 hours and talk  time of up to 3 hours.

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