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image 2 Motorola Q9h Review   Work & PlayThe Motorola mobile phone division has introduced its latest QWERTY smartphone, the Motorola Q9h. This is a robust and sleek device, packed with excellent power, amazing functionality and a very trendy design that satisfies the desire of business professionals, gadget lovers and also those consumers who are fashion conscious. This phone is a true statement of personality as well as power.

Incredible looks and outstanding features!

The feel and visual appeal of the phone is strongly highlighted by its compelling and precise form. One of the most attractive features of the Motorola Q9H is the ‘High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)’ which enables fast speed and very quick downloading capabilities. With the advanced versions of music functionality, imaging, integrated stereo Bluetooth, ample memory and music functionality, this gadget is a mobile revolution right at your fingertips!

image 3 Motorola Q9h Review   Work & PlayThe Motorola Q9h mobile is equipped with ‘push email’ for a quicker send and receive on the ‘Corporate Microsoft Exchange’, enabling higher-speed music downloads, faster Internet browsing, video streaming as well as casting. Hence, even when you are out shopping with family or running errands, the fabulous Motorola Q9h allows you to freely access all your preferred connections and content. An optimized keyboard and a clear display makes it much easier for the user to type mails, messages, presentations, notes and lots more.

The fine lighting transitions allow easy usage of the phone even in the areas of dim or poor sunlight.

Fun & Entertainment

Besides, the Motorola Q9h holds a variety of features that would keep you busy and entertained for hours together. With this gadget, you can capture all your life’s most precious moments with the inbuilt 2.0 megapixel camera in it, and for the users who are absolute music lovers, this masterpiece is equipped with the ‘Windows Media’ and enables free access to more than 200 music libraries all over.
image 1 Motorola Q9h Review   Work & Play

The Motorola Q9h is well integrated with a full-speed ‘USB 2.0′ download, allowing faster file transfers from the computer to the ‘microSD card’ of the phone, that enables around 2GB of voluntarily removable memory in order to store all your files, songs, documents and photos. With approximately 30 frames every second, watching a video on this phone would be very close to reality.

All in all, the irresistible Motorola Q9h can be used by anyone and everyone, and it is a gadget that you never want to get rid of.

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