Nokia 7705 Twist Review

Verizon brings to Nokia 7705 which is one of the smallest phones that is available in the market. Nokia has named it Twist because there is a hidden keyboard that twists out. This phone has been released by Nokia to give competition to phones like Samsung Alias 2 and LG enV3. It measures only 69 x 69 x 15 mm and weighs 98g. The QVGA display measures 2.4 inches and has a display resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and supports 262k colors. The light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display depending on the lighting conditions.

Below the display, you can find a square d-pad and it is surrounded by touch-sensitive soft keys and clear key. There is an LED at the front of the Nokia 7705 that flashes 6 different colors and blinks whenever you get a message or a missed call. On the sides of the phone, you can find the volume controller, microUSB port, microSD card slot, 2.5mm audio headset jack and external speaker. At the rear, the phone houses the 3 megapixel camera with flash and when you open the phone, you will find a large mirror.

The QWERTY keyboard has been designed well and has got 5 rows of keys and special buttons for launching the browser, voice command, camera, speaker phone and messaging. Even though the keys are small, they are really user-friendly and you will make not make many efforts while using it. The Habitat mode present on the Nokia 7705 brings you two home screens namely, Super World and Urban Jungle. Both home screens shows you an icon of your contact that you have recently spoken to.

We were surprised to find a 3 megapixel camera on the Nokia 7705 Twist. Not only this, it has got a flash too. However, the images that were taken through were not that impressive. The music player can be played in the background and the sound through the mono speaker was nothing special. The phone can detect 16GB of external memory and has an internal memory of 119MB.

The HTML browser on the phone does not give a good browsing experience as the phone has a very small screen. It does not play embedded YouTube videos; however, the YouTube videos can be viewed through the YouTube site. Some other apps present on the phone include VZ Navigator for GPS, VCast Music and VCast Videos. You can also download plenty of games and applications over the web for this phone. The standard Li-Ion 860 mAh battery gives a talk time of 4.5 hours and standby time of 11 hours.

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