Samsung Blackjack II versus Motorola Q 9h


While the Samsung Blackjack II and the Motorola Q 9h are quite similar in look and feel, there are several differences that might make a world of difference for your needs. It’s important to research the phone you might be interested in these days in order to determine how much you wish to spend, what features are useful for you, and why one phone might be more personally or professionally valuable than another.

Now, let the showdown begin!

The Blackjack II is a thinner model, and while the two are often considered to be near comparable smart phones, thinner phones are simply easier to move around with, less uncomfortable when shoved in a back pocket, and of course because you have more important things to worry about than whether or not the phone in your pocket makes you look bulky it is sleeker in the jeans.

However, the Blackjack II also comes with a smaller keyboard which inevitably leads to more typing errors. The slower processing wastes time when you are trying to get that ever important information relayed back to the office or family.

Motorola Q 9h has a distinguishably better reception area with fewer dropped calls and faster transmission of information. Once you have voice dialing capacity, like you have on the Motorola Q 9h, you will never want to be without it again. On the road, voice dialing is simply safer, connected to a Bluetooth piece, than scrolling through numbers and pushing buttons. With voice dialing, you are risking nothing more than the average conversation you might have with someone in the car with you.

The one touch task manager button of the Blackjack II is a nice feature which is non-existent  on the Motorola Q 9h, but both phones come equipped with handy side button controls to enable numerous features.

On the other hand, the Motorola Q 9h offers faster transition from one application to the next. This makes getting that vital information and sending those ever important pics faster and easier than with the Samsung Blackjack II.

Both phone carries the potential to be an essential communication device, and each comes with your basic communication tools such as texting and browsing capabilities. The overall winner of this particular comparison is the Motorola Q 9h for its faster and more reliable communication factors. Today’s phones are more than just mere phones, and as the technology grows, the competition will continue to become fiercer and dedicated to finding that competitive edge. Each competitive edge should be compared by user friendliness and quality.


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