Samsung Delve Review – Dive into a World of Multimedia

samsung-delveAlltel might not be amongst the largest carrier in US, but it has never been amongst one to shy off from accepting any new trend. This time around, they are out with a touch-screen phone. The new Samsung Delve is a mix between Samsung Instinct and Samsung Behold.

On the outside, it looks similar to the Instinct, whereas its display resembles the Instinct. The Samsung Delve is regarded amongst the most attractive multimedia phones in the market. The other aspect about this phone, which makes it rank high, is its good performance. Even though the phone lacks some imperative features, it is a solid addition to the Alltel line-up.


As we have already mentioned, Samsung Delve almost has an appearance similar to Instinct. Both of them are exactly of the same size (4.57-inch X 2.17-inch X 0.49-inch). However, Delve weighs slightly lesser at 3.63 ounces. You will also be able to recognize its silver & black color schemes, rounded corners and comfortable feel on your hand.


samsung-delve-1The 3-inch display of Samsung Delve is similar in size to the Behold and big enough for most phone users. The phone is bright & vibrant with a resolution of 240X400-pixel and support for 262k colors. However, it does not take complete advantage of its real estate. There is also slot for storing the stylus. On the handset’s top, there is a power control button, which can also work for locking the display. Again, you can also find a standard 3.5 mm headset jack, volume rocker, camera shutter, microSD-card slot and voice-dialing button on the phone.

The TouchWiz Interface

Menu system of Samsung Delve is again similar to the Behold with the presence of TouchWiz interface, while intuitive main menus come along with an icon or list options. On its home screen, you can find collapsible shortcuts for messaging inbox, browser, music player and Bluetooth menu. The virtual keyboard of delve is responsive, but if you have large fingers, you might find them to be bit cramped.

Other features of Samsung Delve

Samsung Delve is provided with a 500-contact phonebook with each of them giving scope for five numbers and one email address. You have the option of using your own recording as a ringtone. Other features include vibrate mode, text & multimedia messaging, calendar, memo pad, alarm clock, world clock, speakerphone, calculator, stopwatch, currency converter and tip calculator.

Delve has a 2.0 megapixel camera,stereo Bluetooth support, GPS having support for directional application, TV on Demand from Alltel, PC syncing, voice recorder and mass USB storage. What it doesn’t have is Wi-Fi and a full HTML web browser.

Overall, Samsung Delve can be rated as an attractive multimedia cell phone sporting excellent performance.

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