Samsung Magnet A257 Review – Entry Level Phone with QWERTY Keyboard

samsung magnet 181x300 Samsung Magnet A257 Review   Entry Level Phone with QWERTY KeyboardAT&T’s Samsung Magnet A257 is a slab phone that has a full QWERTY keyboard and has is great phone for you if you are mainly into sending messages and emails. It is an entry level phone with less features but looks like a BlackBerry. The phone is very light in weight and only weighs 87.6g. The rear of the phone is made of up orange colored plastic and has a patterned design on it.

The display screen of the phone measures 2.2 inches is capable of displaying 220 x 176 pixels resolution with 65k colors. The buttons on the keypad are quite sturdy and smooth. Even though the phone is meant for people who mainly into messaging, keys on the QWERTY keyboard are not suitable for larger fingers. Often, you will find yourself pressing the wrong buttons. Near the d-pad, you will find a dedicated button to launch the messaging application. On the phone, you can find dedicated buttons for locking the phone, starting the camera and switching the phone to vibration mode.

The volume controller is on the left side of the phone while on the right you can find the proprietary USB charging port. At the back, you will find the VGA camera provided with self portrait mirror. When you uncover the back panel of the Samsung Magnet A257, you will find the 800 mAh Li-Ion battery with a SIM card slot.att samsung magnet cell phone photo 8 186x300 Samsung Magnet A257 Review   Entry Level Phone with QWERTY Keyboard

As far as software is concerned, you will get the hang of it in no time. The QWERTY keyboard can be used as a shortcut to quickly launch the application instead of navigating through the phone. Since it is a messaging phone, you can find 10 different templates that can be used for sending messages quickly. The Mobile Email application is the same as you can find on any other AT&T cell phones. You can easily set email accounts of Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL by simply entering the user name and password. It does not support Gmail.

The internal memory of the phone is 64MB and comes without an external memory support. You can make use of 640 x 480 pixels VGA camera to take snaps and send over it to your friends through MMS. The media player can play MP3 and MP4 files. You can connect to the web through EDGE and it is advisable to surf only mobile version of the websites. Sometimes opening a normal website may show up an error such as “Error: Document too large”.

The standard apps that you can find in this phone include calculator, calendar, notes, timer, stopwatch, converter, and world time. You can chat with your friends online through AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. You can make use of Bluetooth (v2.0) for data transfer. The Samsung A257 is a nice phone though some may face problems in making use of the QWERTY keyboard.

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