Sony Ericsson P1i Review – Business Phone for Active Professionals

sony ericsson p1i Sony Ericsson P1i Review   Business Phone for Active ProfessionalsUIQ3-powered Sony Ericsson P1i is amongst the top range smartphones in the current market. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & 3G Connectivity, QWERTY keyboard, 3.2-megapixel camera and QVGA touchscreen, the P1i is a perfect mix of enterprise and multimedia capabilities. Initially, it was thought that P1i was launched as a successor to the P990 & M600. However, seeing its capabilities and looks, it is tough to classify this smartphone as a complete upgrade of either one.

Sony Ericsson P1i has flip-less and candybar factor along with UI variant common to M600 & W950. At the same time, it offers Wi-Fi and camera features reserved for P-series. So, is P1i, a combination of the best features in each of these predecessors? Let us find out:


As already mentioned, Sony Ericsson P1i has a design similar to other phones of the maker, but it has mark resemblance with the M600. It is a compact and weighs quite less at 4.4lbs. With a 4.1-in X 2.1-in X 0.7-in dimension, this smartphone sports a traditional yet attractive silver-&-black casing. With its solid construction, P1i is more comfortable to use. Again, the back’s soft-touch finish makes it easier for gripping.

The 2-inch sharp & bright display of Sony Ericsson P1i boasts of a wonderful 2.6-inch touch screen display. It shows off with 262k colors at a resolution of 320×240-pixel. Again, other features of its screen include adjusting the theme, menu style, wallpaper and backlight timer. In spite a small footprint, Sony Ericsson P1i does not have a complete QWERTY keyboard. However, it sports rocker-style dual-function keyboard similar to the M600.

Hardware features

One of the important improvements in the Sony Ericsson P1i is the increased size of its RAM. At 128 MB, it is twice the size of the previous models and supports unlimited multitasking. Whether you are working on an application or browsing using your P1i, the enhanced RAM and powerful processor will make your task fairly easy. The 3.2-megapixel camera is also on focus, as it delivers the quality similar to P990 models.

Unique Interface

Do not let the compact frame of Sony Ericsson P1i fool you. It was initially built for meeting the needs of mobile professionals. This smartphone operates on Symbian OS 9 and has a unique UIQ 3 interface. This interface allows the powerful touch-screen functionality.

Overall, Sony Ericsson P1i is quite intuitive to use and makes a perfect companion for the active professional.

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