Sony Ericsson W760a Review

sony-ericsson-w760aThe Sony Ericsson W760a literally wants you to shake it up. With technological innovation, the Sony Ericsson W760a shuffles downloaded music on demand with its “Shake and Shuffle” feature. Additionally, you can shake it and tilt it while playing games on the AT&T Mobile Multimedia package. The phone houses a simple accelerometer for instant reaction to shaking and tilting motion when using the supported interactive application.

Of course, the Sony Ericsson W760a offers more features than just a phone you can shake.

It comes standard with wireless internet access and the 3G network, video sharing capacity, Bluetooth stereo, and photographic and streaming video capabilities. The 3.2 megapixel camera and video recorder delivers good quality photographs and video and can easily be sent via email or multimedia messaging to other communication devices. With the GPS navigation system, you can find your way quickly and conveniently. The GPS navigation system offers more than just simple directions but engages you in turn by turn instruction to your destination, 3D maps that move right along with you, real time traffic alerts and updates enhanced by options for rerouting if heavy traffic is predicted or you need to take the shortest possible route.

The W760a offers internet access that is convenient for web browsing, sending and receiving email, and of course online messaging services. The M2 memory expansion allows you to keep the phone running smoothly despite the downloaded music you like to play. Some cell phones (or smart phones) that support Mp3 player and other music applications can not handle the overload to their memory and thus either slow down like a computer or stop functioning altogether. The M2 memory expansion helps to prevent this issue.

The battery only offers about 3 ½ hours of continuous talk time and can hold its charge for about 10 days when left in the stand by mode. If there was an improvement to be made on this phone, lengthening the available talk time battery capacity would be on the top of the list.

The included AT&T Cellular Video feature (with the 3G network access) offers specialized connections from CNN, Comedy Central, The Weather Channel, HBO, iFilm, and Mobile Music. With the music recognition software, you can easily identify songs, find them online, purchase them, and download them straight to your phone.

The Sony Ericsson W760a is a smart phone with great features for entertainment on the go, as well as remaining connected with family and friends along the way.

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