The Nokia N97 Review: Is it worth your money?

Nokia has produced several master-pieces like the Nokia N95, E71, N96, E90 communicator and the likes of them. The latest contender in the line-up happens to be the elegant N97, which will feature a tilting 3.5-inch touch screen, slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, especially designed to cater to the needs of the Internet-savvy users.
nokia n971 The Nokia N97 Review: Is it worth your money?

Initially, there was a big fuss about the incompatibility of the N97 with the Nokia’s Ovi Internet services such as the Nokia Maps, music store and N-Gage gaming platform, but now everything has been resolved and Nokia has provided full compliance and cent percent compatibility with all the OVI services.

Even after all this, with presence of the AT&T tilt, Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, and Sony Xperia in the market (all of them more of less big failures in the market), the million dollar question would be – whether N97 is really worth your money?
nokia n97 2 300x225 The Nokia N97 Review: Is it worth your money?
Well, in terms of the tech specs, surely there isn’t much to complain about (unlike Xperia or the iPhone 3G), as you get whopping 32GB onboard memory, which can be further increased by an additional 16GB microSD card, a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, quad-band GSM operation and HSDPA compliance.

The N97 is supposed to be the top N-series smartphone, surpassing all its predecessors including the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music as well as Nokia N96, but the high pricing will surely be a concern. At the moment, looking at hefty price tags of $600-$769.99, even the faithful Nokia users are not too keen to buy the Nokia N97. So, with iPhone 3G S around the corner and many other smartphones competing for supremacy, Nokia will have to give a serious thought to the price-factor if they want to dominate the market.
nokian97 1 300x187 The Nokia N97 Review: Is it worth your money?
The high pricing and lack of a U.S. carrier were the major reasons behind the downfall of the Xperia in the States, and the N97 may suffer a similar fate, if Nokia doesn’t really make some quick moves to catch the eyes of the customers.

As a customer, the best thing would be to hold back for a few days and hope for a considerable price drop rather than putting your money on N97 at the moment! (if you’ve got extra $1000 to shell out, that’s a different issue!


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