What Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Has In Store For You

The most recent version of Android operating system is called Android Ice Cream Sandwich (aka Android v4.0). Compared to all the previous versions of Android OS, this one seems to be the best version released till date. The Android ICS platform is suitable for both Android tablets and smartphones. It brings to you plenty of new features.

The interface of the Android ICS contains plenty of black color. One reason behind it is that black helps in saving battery life. You can pull down the notifications bar like before and checkout your alerts. If you want to remove any item, all you need to do is swipe it off to the right. The homescreen is quite spacious and it allows you to resize your widgets. From the apps menu, you can drag your app shortcuts. Also, it is now easier to change the wallpapers. To do this, you can long press on the homescreen.

There is Google Search option available on the homescreen and at the bottom of the screen you can find four default shortcuts such as Home, Messaging, People and Internet. Below these, there are new onscreen buttons namely, Back, Home and Latest Apps (contains all the recently used apps). Organizing icons and making folder is quite easy now. Just drag your icons on top of another icon and automatically new folder will be created. Folder icon also stacked icons of the apps that are present inside it to make it easier for you to recognize the folder. The onscreen keyboard has become even more easy to use then before.

Android Beam
The NFC feature lets you transfer contents present on one Android to the other. To share content, you need to hold the phones close to each other and then tap on share and the screen of your phone will be beamed to the other phone. Beaming makes it possible to do various things like using Google Wallet and playing multiplayer games.

People app
It is the address book app which is much clean and clear than before. The favorite tabs have large photos of your most contacted people. You can integrate social networking feed with the contacts. When you are unable to receive a call, you can quickly send a customized text message to the caller.

Web browsing
The Ice Cream Sandwich web browser is the best internet browser till now from Android. It is quick, smooth and you can keep open up to 16 tabs. You can swipe on any tab to the right to close it. For private browsing, it brings to incognito mode like the one in Google Chrome to browse without storing any trace of cache on your phone. Flash content is not supported yet but an update later in the year will also allow you to view Flash content inside the browser.

Camera app
It launches quickly and brings to you many camera functions. You can edit the photos right after you snap them. There is no shutter lag whatsoever and time between photos is also reduced considerably. Quite a few filters and effects are available to enhance your photos.  You can easily arrange your photos and videos inside the photo albums. You can also capture screenshots through it.

Data Usage
It is now easier to check how much data your apps are using up. With a graph data available to check usage, you can find out which apps are using up much of your data. This can greatly help in preventing data overuse charges.

There is also a graph data available to check your battery usage. You can find out which apps are using much of your battery life. You can turn off those apps and save on your battery.

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