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May 13th, 2011

5 Free GPS Apps for Your Android Phone

GPS (global positioning systems) is one feature you can now find in all smartphones. By using it, you can find any location very easily. Not only this but also you can learn how much time it will take for you to reach your destination. Hence, many people GPS systems inside their cars so that they can get step by step information on directions. Now that new smartphones are equipped with GPS, people are using such phones for location based navigation.

Android users can choose from many free GPS apps. If your Android phone supports GPS, you got to know the free GPS apps. Here are some of them:

1. Google Maps
Google Maps is undoubtedly the best GPS app out there for Android. It not only lets you find your locations but also save your favorite places of interest. You can choose from street view and satellite view to find any location. It is very easy to use and in no time you will find yourself using it for finding places.

2. Glympse
It is free combo software that allows you to find places through GPS as well as do social networking. When you find any location, you can share it with your friends. This is good as it will allow you and your friend to meet a certain place that both of you are unaware of. You can even set time as to how long your location will be visible to the people.

3. Where?
It is a very intuitive GPS app from Sprint that lets you find locations from several sections. You can sections such as coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, etc. It even lets you know weather condition, traffic information, etc of the place that you are going to visit.

4. VZ Navigator
Verizon provides its users with this free GPS app that can be found on Android phones like Samsung Fascinate, HTC Incredible, and Motorola Droid X. Like other navigation software, you can get various information such as turn by turn directions, information on the local traffic and maps.

5. MapQuest
The web-based mapping system, MapQuest lets user find their location based on different categories such as holiday inn, restaurants, parks, hotels and motels, etc. Alternatively, you can even search for any location. The MapQuest app for Android allows users to do all these things on their phones.

To download the above mentioned apps and to know more free GPS apps for Android, you can visit the Android Market.